Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recent Gifts of Hope


I am trying to keep myself updated on where the quilts are's a bit hard because my mom is "Central Command" in Grand Rapids and I am in Toronto trying to crank quilt tops out before baby #4 arrives in less than a month! Thankfully, my mom is a meticulous list maker-I know I chose her for my partner for a reason! So here are our recent gifts of hope.
We sent a quilt to Nigeria (our furthest destination so far!) for Megan, whose mom was diagnosed with brain cancer about a month ago. Megan and her husband are missionaries in Nigeria. Her mom lives in Iowa. For two years I lived far, far away from my parents and I was always scared that something terrible would happen to them and I would be have to choose to care for my husband and kids or my parents....we are praying for their family, specifically for healing (number 1) and wisdom to know when it is time to travel "home". We also sent a quilt to Megan's mom, Cella. Actually, they are matching quilts, just like the one pictured above.
We gave three more quilts to Safe Haven Ministries for families that are being served there.
Finally, two more quilts were given to Children's Assessment Center. My mom was supposed to go on a tour there last month but because of the heavy rain, thier office was flooded. I'm sure that caused a bit of discouragement. They provide a very important service to our community.
So, the total number of quilts we have gifted is up to 38! I really, really want to make it to 50 before the new year (we have MANY quilts finished and ready to go) so I need referrals!!! Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with an individual or family that could use HOPE!
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