Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quiet for the Summer--But the Work Continues!!!

Hello friends!
I wanted to let you know that this blog will be quiet for the summer.  Our family is headed to China in a WEEK to meet our daughter!!  I promised I would formally introduce her to you as soon as we could so here she is!
She is 2 and half and we can not wait to have a toddler in the house again!  If you are interested in her adoption story or in watching this trip unfold you can visit our family blog.
Of course, I had to make her a quilt:

In the meantime, the work of Margaret's Hope Chest will continue all summer!!
We have two very active programs right now that we still need help with.
1.)  A Mother's Hope--details here.
2.) Prison Ministry Quilts--Kid's quilts of any kind--recommended size 40X60 inches.  Boys are especially needed!

Please consider using a bit of your sewing time this summer to make a quilt for one or both of these programs. 

I appreciate those who quietly and generously help us all year long. We are so blessed.

Have a wonderful summer!!!

23 Quilts to Guatemala

In March and April, twenty-three quilts traveled in various suitcases to Village of Hope in Guatemala. Above you see a picture of the building progress as of a couple of week ago--I would assume they are even closer to opening right now.  These homes will house Guatemalan children who have special needs (I believe that many of the children have AIDS).  They will live with foster parents and live like a family.  I love that.  We collected and sent quilts for their beds where they will sleep (some for the first time) in a clean and SAFE place.  Below are pictures of as many quilts as I have pictures of.  So many people were involved in this project---amazing how God works out even the smallest details so that orphans can have some soft and warm to cover their bodies at night.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' Quilt

 If you want to find me this summer I will be.... Michigan
......having a picnic
.........on this quilt
..............with my FIVE children.

That's right friends, we are getting very close to traveling to China to pick up our newest daughter.
I will introduce her properly as soon as we get our Travel Approval from the Chinese government.
Until then, I will be dreaming of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.