Friday, November 22, 2013

Finish It Up Friday--Two More Finishes!

 This week I finished up the bindings on two quilts.  The first is made from a panel of Alexander Henry's 'Once Upon a Time' fabric line.  I had been holding on to this fabric for a couple of years but decided it would make a perfect quilt for our prison ministry.  Like I said last week--we are going to work very hard in 2014 to build up our reserves so that we can participate in as many giveaways as possible. 

The second quilt I finished is my December contribution to 'A Mother's Hope'.  What I love about this quilt is that it was made from all donated material/blocks.  The bright colored blocks in the middle of the quilt were donated and I trimmed them so they would be the same size as the white blocks that I had already cut.  The border and backing fabrics were also donated!  Three cheers for donations!
 Hip hip Horray!!
 Hip Hip Horray!
 Hip Hip Horray!
Doesn't it make my afternoon reading spot look very inviting?  And YES, do find the book 'Chains' by Laurie Anderson and read it.  Excellent choice if you like young adult historical fiction.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

HUGE Update Post

 I realize the title of the post is misleading---there is no one HUGE update to report--just a HUGE amount of smaller updates that might make this post a little lengthy.

#1 UPDATE:  As of late last week we have received a total of 678 log cabin blocks!!! Wow, I think we can make at least 11 quilts from those blocks.  Thank you to each who have contributed in small and large ways.  Each block was a step toward the final goal which is to bring HOPE to struggling new moms. 

#2 UPDATE: We have received several beautiful quilts for the Mother's Program from those who signed up for the monthly collection.  I forgot to ask my dad to take pictures of some of the quilts given in the early part of October (sorry) but this group of quilts pictured below will be the next group to be given.

Aren't they great?  Everyone did a fantastic job!  Thank you to our October quilt-makers;                  
1.  Carin                               
2.  Mindy                              
3.  Pam                                 
4.  Diann                              
5. wkelli88                            
6. Anita                                 
7. Amy                                  
8. Sherry  

#3 UPDATE: It has been far too long since we have shared a giving update.  I have loved looking back over what has been a very busy year for our family and seeing that God has continued the work of Margaret's Hope Chest in many different ways.  

33 to local agencies who have needs for baby quilts.
8 quilts to those mourning a loss - Rick, Dominique, James, Willow, Erandi, Pastor Arlan, Ana & parents,
178 quilts to children with a parent in prison - either for their birthday or for the program at the prison with their parent.
19 to those people getting treatment for their illness, usually chemo for cancer - Liz, Micah, Christine, Carleen,
    Rhonda, Karen, Cynthia, Anne, Roxanne, Bob, Scott, Marie, Helen, Dave, Ellen, Jodie, Brian, Marla, George
36 to organizations in the Grand Rapids area that serve those needing financial help
108 to the Mother post partum support program at Pine Rest
7 miscellaneous
25 boy quilts to Honduras
32 to orphans in Haiti
23 to Village of Hope in Guatemala
20 to Rays of Hope going to Haiti
2 for fund raising purposes
#4 UPDATE:  Looking forward to 2014--we need to replenish our supply of kid's quilts for the prison giveaways.  So we will be having a couple of quilt and block collections in January, February and March.  I hope that you will be able to save a few hours in the new year for Margaret's Hope Chest.

#5 UPDATE: Our total number of quilts we have given is 1882!!!  Almost 2000!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

If You Give a Quilter Three Thousand Two Inch Blocks......

If you give a quilter three thousand two inch squares in various shades of blue and green......

she will first make this quilt:
She will name it Bermuda Blues and she will love it and eventually she will give it to a woman she has met on the island who has many health concerns.
Then she will look at that box of 2,280 blue and green squares again and create this quilt:
She will name this quilt 'Bermuda Triangles' and she will love it and eventually she will give it to a woman on the island who was undergoing cancer treatments.
Some time will pass and the quilter will get distracted by other fabric and projects. But one day she will stumble upon that box of 1,280 two inch squares again.  She will take them out and create this quilt top:
Inspired to use the remaining 890 squares up and be done with blue and green two inch squares for a VERY LONG TIME she created this quilt top:
 And then she will rest because the box of two inch squares is almost empty.  You can't make a quilt with 314 two in squares, or can you????

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday!!  Have a great week!  I will be back next week some more great quilting news!