Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Reached My Goal!!

Quilt # 10

Quilt #11

Quilt #12

It's June 22 and I have reached my June goal of only making boy themed quilts! I believe I said I would try to make 15 and I am really close to that number. Unfortunately, I have to use the rest of June to pack up my family of 6 for a two month summer vacation in Michigan. Yikes!
So, it is time to pack away the boy fabric and get out the suitcases and bathing suits. Summer, here we come!

Quilt #13

Quilt #14

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Quilt Giving Update

Here is #9 Boy-themed quilt top for the month of June. I had lots of 2.5X5 inch pieces left from the other quilts so this is a 'Sport's Lover's' quilt--for the boy who can't pick just one favorite :)!

Seeing as it is the first day of summer today (cue Hallelujah Chorus) I thought I should take a few lines here and give a record of who our quilts have been given to over the past few months.

2 quilts were given to a family in the Chicagoland area who lost their home in a fire.
2 quilts were given to a family in Grand Rapids MI who lost their home in a house explosion.
2 quilts were given during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day contest.
4 little boys in Mississippi got new quilts to call their own. Their family was really struggling to give something extra to their children--we were happy to share with them. We surprised the parents of this family with a quilt of their own as well.
1 quilt went to a wonderful lady in Grand Rapids MI who has cancer.
1 quilt went to a little boy who had heart surgery on June 18 in Ann Arbor Michigan.
1 quilt went to a mother of 2 young children who has had a recurrence of Hodgkins Lymphoma.
1 quilt went a lady in Georgia whose husband is serving a life sentence in prison--her husband wrote us and asked us to send her a special gift of HOPE.
13 quilts were given to children enrolled in our 'Wrapped in Hope' program who celebrated a birthday in the month of June.

We consider it a great privilege to share quilts and HOPE with each of these people. We love what we do here at MHC and thank God everyday for the energy, passion and resourses we need to spread HOPE in this way.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Block Swap 2 Finish

I joined a great group of ladies this year in a block swap. I was the March block and I chose man friendly pattern and fabric--because as you know by now--we NEVER have enough man quilts to give. I chose to use 'Oh Frannson!'s Map of the States block for two reasons; 1) as covered in a previous post, I LOVE Oh Fransson! and not so secretly want to be her and 2)this block is a bit labor intensive and the time commitment would be best if shared among 12 ladies. I think it turned out great and I can't wait to hear about a deserving man somewhere in the United States who could use some extra HOPE and comfort--anyone know of someone??


**EDIT** THANKS to those who gave me a few places to look for these labels. I found someone to do it for me although in the future I think I will follow the tutorial that someone suggested and make my own!!

I am desperately looking to make customized cotton 'tape' labels like this "One of a Kind" label pictured here--once upon a time I saw it on Etsy and now I can't find it and I have tried every combination of words in the search box--I am ready to scream.....does any out there in blogland know what it is called or where I can find it on Etsy???? Thanks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WHO? Friends, Supporters, and Lovers of Margaret’s Hope Chest.
WHAT? A Summer Work Party to work on new and ongoing projects for Margaret’s Hope Chest
WHEN? Friday, July 30 from 5-9 pm and Saturday, July 31 from 9am-2pm
WHERE? Friday-Lasting Impressions Bed and Breakfast in Heritage Hill (www.lastingimpressionsbb.com) Saturday-Eastern Ave. Christian Reformed Church Fellowship Hall.
HOW can I learn more and sign up to attend? Contact Carin Vogelzang at 616-855-2862 or email margaretshopechest@yahoo.com
Margaret’s Hope Chest has entered it’s 4th year of service to people in need of extra HOPE and comfort in community’s around the country. Occasionally, we host work parties to bring together MHC supporters and work on various quilting projects. This summer we are thrilled to have Amanda Jean author of the popular blog Crazy Mom Quilts join us for our work party. She is a talented and creative quilter. Amanda Jean has created a quilt pattern just for MHC. She will introduce this pattern and instruct attendees on color theory. Based on her teaching, we will be creating several quilt tops on Saturday.
At our Friday evening gathering we will have a work time from 5-7pm with snacks and drinks served. From 7-9pm we will meet Amanda Jean and get to know each other through some fun activities and giveaways. There are rooms available at the bed and breakfast for $30 each person (based on two people per room).
Saturday morning we will meet in EACRC’s fellowship hall at 9am. We will have an open work time from 9-10am. From 10-12 we will be taught by Amanda Jean. Lunch will be served to all participants at 12:30 and we will finish off the day with a work time until 2pm.
There is NO COST for this event--we would like this to be a time of fun, celebration, and learning! Come for one day or both! We aren't picky we just want to see you there! Out-of-towners are welcome! Reserve a spot today by emailing Carin margaretshopechest@yahoo.com.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ocho

You are looking at the 8th boy themed quilt I have made this month-only 7 more to reach my goal of 15. Actually, this is just a top because I have run out of backing fabrics--and frankly, I am too lazy to make pieced ones. On to a sports-themed quilt....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scooby Doo!

I used Oh Frannson's FREE lattice nine-patch pattern for this Scooby-Doo quilt. I love everything on her site--it's so bright, yummy and clean. Secretly, I want to be her. Maybe she will switch lives with me. Is it possible that she has always wanted to be married to a diplomat and move all over the world....if so, this could work. Anyway, this quilt top will be finished off (as soon as I restock my backing fabrics) and will be added to the growing group of child-themed quilts that will travel with me this summer and fall to 3 Michigan prisons. Incarcerated parents will select a quilt for their child and it will become a birthday present. Of course, this is all part of Margaret's Hope Chest's ongoing 'Wrapped in Hope' program. Can't wait!

#7 Boy-themed quilt finish for the month of June. Start your engines because a race car quilt is coming up next!

a Sneak Peek

this quilt is coming together today...I figure there has got a be a little boy out there who loves both Scooby-Doo and camouflage-right?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Boy Quilts

As promised, I am only working on boy themed quilts. Here is #3, #4, #5, and #6. My goal is to complete 15 before June 30....almost halfway there. On a completely unrelated note-thanks to all who voted for my quilt last week--I WON! That means I will be getting one of Mary Tate's books. Can't wait to read it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Weekly Themed Quilt Contests
I have entered a quilt into the Weekly Themed Quilt Contest over at the Quilting Gallery. The theme this week is 'Faith and Gratitude'. I feel as if every one of the 570 quilts that MHC has given out over the past 3 years could be entered into this contest because it is our faith in Jesus Christ and the HOPE we have in him that makes this ministry possible- but since I am only allowed one entry there is one quilt that we have given that is the most appropriate for this theme.


This is the very first quilt that MHC gave away---back in August of 2007. I named it 'Renita's Hope'. I pieced it and a friend of Margaret's Hope Chest-Phyllis Meyers quilted on her longarm machine.


We gave this quilt to Renita. Renita's daughter Ebony was one of the girl's convicted of my grandmother's murder. Renita's son was also in prison for murdering his girlfriend. Renita was in deep pain and grief. She needed HOPE and forgiveness and grace. We prepared this quilt especially for her. She agreed to meet with me and my mom and my mom's cousin so we could give her the quilt. That meeting was one of the best experiences of my life. We forgave one another, we understood one another, we grieved with one another, we cried, we hugged, we were silenced by the awe of the moment. The time with Renita deepened and matured my faith. What a gift.

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