Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilt Liquidation!

Can you believe Feb. is only a few days away? Here at Margaret's Hope Chest, February is a big month for us. We plan on giving away one quilt every day of the month. 28 days-28 quilts. I can hardly believe that we have a stockpile of 28 quilts but we do. I have 23 recipients lined up already. That means I still need 5 more suggestions. Can you think of someone who needs some hope and might benefit from the gift of a quilt? Please let me know via e-mail or leave a comment. One note: We love to send quilts to people outside of Michigan too-so if the person you have in mind lives somewhere else that's OK-pass it along.


Sharon said...

Wow that is so thoughtful of you. I do know a couple who are having it hard at the moment. He has been diagnosed with Progressive Altizmers is and the only income they now have is the wifes' and she now has had to go part time to take care of her husband. She needs hope she is very depressed and he is growing rapidly with this disease. I am sure he would love to have something like this as she would. I would love to see a smile on her face or his at this time. If you find it in your heart to be able to do this I will email you their address. Oh but they live in Redding CA would that be ok?

diplofam said...

Sharon- I left a message on your blog-e-mail me at We would love to send quilt!

Sharon said...

Carlin I tried to email you at this address but it came back undeliveriable for some reason. Here is my addy maybe if you send me one I will be able to reply, Thanks so much