Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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100 beautiful, unique, warm quilts have been given to people all over the country over the last two years-
people like you and me who have needed comfort and HOPE. Join me in praising God for his infinite wisdom and guiding hand in the work of Margaret's Hope Chest.

Let me share with you who we have given the past few quilts to.

Quilt # 97 was delivered to Linda whose 38 year marriage is ending. She needs HOPE to continue being the mother and grandmother she wants to be and to create a new life for herself.

Quilt #98
was delivered to Lynn at the apartment she shares with her husband. Several months ago, Lynn had surgery to correct a problem with her digestion. She spent a longer-than-anticipated time in the hospital and then a stay in rehab before she and her husband could be back home together. Healing has been slower than they had hoped for, so we pray with them and their church friends and family that Lynn can find the patience she needs to wait for a full recovery.
Quilt # 99 This quilt was sent to a young girl named Taylor going through an unsettled domestic situation. It is pieced together with her Great-Grandma's flannel and a lively lime green - a patchwork of God's faithfulness from one generation to another. It is bound with prayers to be wrapped in God's love, bringing HOPE and a future.

And finally.....Quilt #100 was given to Anna. Over the last eleven years, Anna has mourned the death of her son; her husband; her grand-daughter; and just last month, her grand-daughter and month old great-granddaughter who were killed in a car accident. We pray for comfort for Anna and her extended family as they grieve once again. "Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted."


Katie said...

Wow. What a great milestone, Carin! And I LOVE that second one - the color progression is so rich.

emilymcd said...

Wow... 100 quilts! You guys are amazing. And I can't begin to tell you how very, very much your quilt has meant to my mother. She called me upon receiving it the other day. She wept and wept. She felt so loved.

A thousand thank-yous.