Monday, March 1, 2010

What I've Been Up To

February is finished--phew!! Bring on spring--I am ready to crack the sliding door during my afternoon sewing sessions and listen to the neighborhood noises. I suspect that it will be a few more weeks but things are warming up a bit here in Toronto--+3 today!

I have finished a *few* things this month.....
1.) I have once again started finishing off quilt tops that we collected last fall during our 'Hope Squared' project--here are 2 fun quilts for little girls.

2.) Rachel over at P.S. I Quilt has started posting the blocks for her Pinwheel Quilt Along. I have decided to make 3 versions of it--heaven knows I have enough fabric! One will be made from a collection of purple/greens that we I have collected from donated fabric. A second will be with 1930's-type fabrics that someone donated. The third quilt might turn out really cool or really ugly--I am using a layer cake that I ordered a few months back--I have paired it with a darker solid (light orange) and we will see what the finished product looks like.
I also wanted to share one small tip if you are doing a project similar to the Pinwheel Quilt-a-long. Since the block directions are given sporadically I didn't want all of the fabric laying around my sewing area for days and so I am using these scrapbooking boxes that I bought at Michael's for $7. They are a 12 inch square and about 3 inches deep--so I am able to store all of the fabric and the finished blocks in one place.


~Michelle~ said...

I use those scrapbook paper boxes for my quilts too! (But I wait til they go on sale for $5, lol)

Anonymous said...

I still need to pick out my fabric for the pinwheel quilt along LOL.

Heaven knows I have plenty of scraps. Hoping I can do another quilt for my former church.


AMIT said...

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