Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perfect Equation for Quilting Progress

 Take one sleepy post-op 2 year old

then add

one weekend away up north for my husband, father in law and 3 older kids
then add
hot and humid weather

and that equals 
major quilting progress!!

My youngest son had his tonsils and adnoids removed late last week which left him very sleepy and quiet.  The rest of the family left to Traverse City for a few days in order to give Josiah a few quiet days to heal.  I finished all of my cleaning and laundry as quickly as possible so I could get to my quilting!!  It was a wonderful weekend for me :)  I was able to nurse my son and quilt at the same time--beautiful!

I finished off this top that we received earlier this year from a generous volunteer--I added the orange print border and did some simple straight line quilting around the squares.

I also finished this top which is a small baby sized quilt.  
 I also removed several borders from other tops that we are going to finish soon.
Currently, I am working on more pinwheels to add to a top that I put on the back burner a month or more ago.  Can't wait to show you that.  Maybe tomorrow!


Spencer Morse said...

you amaze me with all you are able to accomplish. Lisa

Sandra said...

We all need those times of quiet to regroup our thoughts...and to sew. Hope your time is productive and your little one feels better soon:)