Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help With the Birthday List

 Our 2nd year of 'Wrapped in Hope' is winding down.  Over the past 9 months 45 unique quilts have been made by volunteers across the country and sent to a special boy or girl for their birthday. {If I knew how to make a flickr collage of some of the quilts and post it here I would--how in the world to people do that when all of the pictures seem to be copyrighted to the poster?}

Due to some health problems, one of our quilters had to 'give back' two children (Tony and Taleia) who are now back on the list and Adrian is still without a quilter.  Anyone out there have a quilt already made or who is willing to make a quilt for one of these children?  If your answer is yes, please e-mail me

October 9--Tony will be 11--fishing, bike riding, all sports Lynn
November 7--Adrian will be 18--Black, Chargers football team Marilyn

December 13--Taleia will be 6--purple, butterflies, Barbie, princesses Maureen

Here is a note and picture that I received earlier this summer from a very thankful mom. 

"I am just so thrilled to let you know that the beautiful quilts arrived today on my son's birthday! They are the most exquisite creations I have ever seen. Brayden absolutely loves his and has kept it with him since he opened the package, so I attached pictures to show how much he adores it. It is just perfect. I thank you and all those involved in the making of our quilts for the time, energy, and love that went into them. You all truly made my son's 2nd birthday something special."

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marilyn said...

God moment here! I just finished up 2 chargers quilts! I will send one to your mom if you give me an address.