Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

* I think I have received the majority of the blocks for the Project Hope--'Fun in the Middle' collection.
I am thankful for the 18 ladies who sent us over 400 blocks!!!  What fun it will be to put these together into 10 quilts for girls with a parent in prison!  My mom is coming to visit us after Christmas so I think we will have to take an afternoon or two to play around!

*Some have been asking what our plans for 2013 are.   While we fully recognize that God is ultimately in control of who we serve, we have made some changes for 2013.  Stay tuned later this week for our official 2013 announcements! We hope to have something that everyone can participate in!

*Thanks to all who voted for my daughter Anne's video----SHE WON THE GRAND PRIZE!!  We can hardly believe it!  Here is a link to the official announcement

*I have been a little absent from this space over the past few months.  I must admit that I have been distracted by a personal 'project'.  I spent the months of September, October and part of November making 180 laminated cotton bibs!

Our family is adopting a little girl from China and these bibs will hopefully pull in a little extra income.  I have opened a little Etsy shop so if you are in the market for a bib or a quilt (I have a couple listed) check it out!
Here is a picture of our little Tulip (her nickname until my husband and I can agree upon a name!).  Our family blog has loads more information on her and our process. So please forgive me if there is a little less activity here than normal over the next six months--we are busy growing this baby in our hearts!


Lynn said...

How exciting!!
Congratulations are your new addition!
I'm so happy for you and your family and of course for little Tulip.
Congratulations also to your daughter!

Emma said...

This is so amazing! Congratulations! Adoption is near to my heart as well - close family friends growing up adopted a second family of Vietnamese children, and when I was in high school I babysat for a family with 3 adopted girls, 2 from China, and 1 from Ethiopia.

I don't know that I will ever do international adoption, but my husband and I are both called to adopt domestically when we're ready for a family (I'm contracted for another 5 years, so not until that time is up). I spend my evenings browsing AdoptUSKids and reading about the children from Texas (where we hope to live at that time). I can only imagine the excitement you are feeling right now, knowing that it will happen soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Carin what a wonderful gift for you and your family...and that precious little girl.

Praying the next six months go quickly for you all.


Mama Pea said...

Oh, my goodness! "Tulip" is so cute! I am so happy for you. Oh, my heart is just full right now!

Heather said...

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