Tuesday, January 8, 2013

URGENT 'A Mother's Hope' Update

It's looks like our new project I posted about last week has struck a chord with many of our quilters. The promise of many quilts has been made. Yeah!! I also found out today that these quilts are going to meet a real need.  {When my mom toured the program last week she was able to drop off five quilts to start with-those are the quilts this e-mail is referring to}Here is an e-mail that I received yesterday:

Carin, We gave away two quilts. It was so exciting for the ladies to pick out which one they would take. And emotional for them too. They were so touched/moved by the gift to them. One sweet lady picked one out initially (a blue one) and then the therapist told her that it was for her, not the baby. She immediately picked out a different one and could not believe it was for her.  Thank you again. I can't even tell you how touched we are by this gift.

So, my friends, until the promised quilts start arriving, we need some finished quilts as soon as possible.  Does anyone have a quilt already made that they could send?  The size at this point doesn't matter. Colors should be appropriate for a woman. Thank you in advance.


Maureen said...

Wow...I am so touched by that mom's story. It appears that God has clearly opened another avenue of ministry for MHC! So blessed to be a part of this corner of His work!

SherryB said...

Carin, I have 2 quilts that would work--washing them up now. Will get them in the mail today or tomorrow. Your urgency has given me a purpose to get busy!

marilyn said...

I will dig through my quilts and box up some. I will fill the box, so feel free to use them for the kids or the moms. Either way, they will bring love from California.

jirons42 said...

I have one that I need to wash and get the quilting marks out. I'll try to get it to your mom by the end of the week.