Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Fun in the Middle' Quilts for Orphans in Guatemala

Happy March to everyone! For me, January and February are typically great months for cranking out lots of quilts--which of course, makes me quite happy!  This year, despite many distractions I did manage to get several projects finished.
One of the projects that I am very motivated to complete is the 10 'Fun in the Middle' quilts for the Village of Hope community in Guatemala which is set to open in April.  These quilts are going to be VERY SPECIAL gifts to 20 children with special needs.  These children literally have NOTHING--not even a mom or dad.  Village of Hope will give them a foster mom and dad--and a home-like environment (remember that Guatemala has shut down International adoptions).  I believe very strongly in this program and hope to visit the project in 2014. Personally, my husband and I chose to invest in the building of these homes last year--you can too if you feel led--here is a link to a post written by Amy Block who is the leader of this project.

We collected 'Fun in the Middle' blocks last year from many of our lovely volunteers and over time I have created 9 tops (one more to go).  This past week I finished up FOUR!!!  Here they are:

Aren't they great?!?  I love them all!! I still have 6 more to go but like I said I am highly motivated.
So if you were paying attention to what I wrote above, you will see that I said I am making 10 quilts--but there are 20 children who will live in the Village of Hope.  WE NEED 10 MORE QUILTS!!  I am only one person (with a pretty full plate :)) and as much as I would love to have the time to make 10 more quilts I do know my limits (or do I?) These quilts need to be ready to send by the FIRST WEEK IN APRIL.
Do you have time to make a quilt that could be part of the other group of 10?  I know God sees our need and will fill it--could it be with a quilt from you?  We need 10 more 'Fun in the Middle' quilts.  Here is the block instructions--as you can see I used 35 blocks for each quilt.  You can finish it off anyway you would like--I did a large meander stitch on my machine.  I promise you that it will become the unique treasure of a child in Guatemala :)
I am going to number 1-10 below and if you are able to help send me an e-mail and I will add your name to the list below--that way everyone will know if we still have a need! 
1. Dhia
2. Ellen
3. Sherry
4. Lynn
5. Katie
6. Delleen
7. Carol
8. Delleen
9. Bea
10. Sherry


Mina said...

I cant make a full quilt right now, but I can make a stack of blocks. Would that help?

diplofam said...

Hi Mina,
thanks for the comment. I don't think more blocks would be helpful at this point but thank you for the offer!!!

Meg said...

I could make your last quilt (provided that I could hand-tie it, rather than machine quilt it), but I can't seem to e-mail you :(! My name is Meg. If you send me an e-mail, I will let you know any more information about me :) said...

How did the quilts turn out? Did all 20 get to the new Center?