Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recap--Margaret's Hope Chest 2015

Hello faithful blog readers!  I am back.....again.....again.  Let's just say last year got away from me in the blogging department.  So much I wish I had taken the time to share.  Believe it or not, even though I was silent most of the year here, God's mission through us continued to grow and flourish.  I think that is a sign of something--I am not sure what exactly but it definitely points towards God's faithfulness and love for His children who are hurting in this world. 
So, today I wanted to recap what Margaret's Hope Chest did as far as quilt giving from November 2014-December 2015:

2 quilts were donated for fundraising auctions.
7 quilts were given to people who found themselves without a permanent home.
7 quilts were given to Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
8 quilts were given to the Veterans Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
8 quilts were given to people grieving a loss in their life.
8 quilts were given to individuals getting treatment for cancer.
10 quilts were given to In The Image in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
12 heart-themed quilts were gifted to Mitchell's Journey and distributed to kids with heart disease.
16 quilts found a new home in Matamoros, Mexico.
22 baby quilts were given to the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan for families who      welcomed a child with Down Syndrome into their family.
23 quilts traveled to Guatemala for children in an orphanage.
45 quilts were given to men, women and children who had a family member in prison.
99 quilts were given to the postpartum depression mother-baby program at Pine Rest in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2015 we gave the gift of HOPE and comfort to 267 individuals!

Over the past 8 years we have given a gift of HOPE and comfort to 2,397 individuals.  Praise God.

I want to come back later this week and share about some other things that happened in 2015 at Margaret's Hope Chest and what we are working on for 2016.


Linda said...

This is so awesome!

Laurie said...

What an awesome amount Margaret's Hope Chest accomplished in 2015. It's inspiring to hear about all the gifts you gave and to hear about the different organizations/people who have received quilts.

sunny said...

Sorry to say, life got in the way and I did not finish my quilt that I promised for November. It is now ready, and I will throw in a bonus quilt to make up for the delay! Please contact me with mailing instructions.

KaHolly said...

Wow! That's wonderful! XO

Anonymous said...

Do you accept fabric donations near Grand Rapids?

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