Saturday, October 27, 2007

Batters Up!

I just finished this quilt this afternoon. Actually, there are two of these. I decided that from now, if I have enough fabric, I will cut two of each quilt. I think this will save time over the long run. We'll see. I love the center fabric on this one because it is so bright and cheery. Since I am the primary quiltmaker for Margaret's Hope Chest at this point, I have to be careful to balance the types of quilts I am making. Some for boys, some for girls, some for babies, some for men, and some for women.
On to our recent quilt giving....This past week we have given two quilts to two precious babies. Ellie is about a month old and she is at a NICU in Grand Rapids. Her exact condition has not been diagnosed yet but she is on a ventilator and has other various medical problems. I found her family through a link on someone else's blog. As I have read their daily posts I have been blown away by their positive attitude and unshakable faith. I hope we have given them some hope for the future of thier daughter. If you are interested in reading their journey follow this link I think you will be equally amazed.
The second quilt went to a little boy named Isaac. He is in a NICU in Cleveland. He was born at only 24 weeks and now he is struggling to grow strong enough to go home with his parents. This story is actually a bit more complicated and if you are interested in their story you can read their blog This family especially needs hope and encouragement as they have been dealing with many ups and downs for over 100 days!

I encourage you to remember these two families in your thoughts and prayers and the countless other families who are in similar situations and give your kids a hug, kiss and a "I LOVE YOU!" I am going to do that right now!
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Luckeyone said...

Hi there, I was looking at the blogs you had posted, and I HAD to call mom. Do you realize the Vedra family lives in Todd and Sue's old house. I was looking through some older posts and there was picture of the house on Deming. Small world with all these little connections...