Monday, October 15, 2007

Quilting Kits are now available!

Well, after months of preparation I am happy to announce that Margaret's Hope Chest quilting kits are now available for volunteers to sew! I know, this announcement makes it sound like people have been anxiously awaiting these kits and that this message will evoke 20-30 people saying "Please, please, can I have one?" Unfortunetely, this is far from reality. We have yet to find a trusty group of volunteer sewers. But I have faith. This is God's work that he is doing through us and so far, generous people which God has provided have given us fabric, copies, money, quilting services, thank-you notes and publicity. Why should I doubt that there will be women (and men) willing to spare 6 hours to piece these quilts? I shouldn't but sometimes I do.
So, there are 13 kits that are ready for the asking. They are highly organized (in my opinion) and should require about 6 hours of work. The resulting quilt will look like the one pictured in the following post. Please e-mail me or call if you can help in this way.

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