Friday, March 14, 2008

Quilt Update




I promised an update before the week was over and here it is Friday so I better not disappoint! We gave out two quilts this week. The blue one pictured was given to Angie and her four children after the unexpected death of her husband and their father. The purple/pink one was given to a women named Hong who is a Vietnamese refugee who is enduring an abusive marriage relationship. In February we sent a quilt to a women in West Virginia who's husband was dying and she was living in the ICU waiting room. A few weeks ago we heard that her husband had died. I hope now that the quilt will give comfort to her and her four children as they navigate a new life together. So I guess the theme this week is giving hope to marriage, for better or worse, in sickness and in health till death do us part......It amazes me how we seem to give out quilts in themed groups. Sometimes we hear of 3 babies in one week, sometimes 2 tragic deaths in one week.
I wanted to highlight one more thing about the pink/purple quilt and the yellow quilt pictured. I hope the picture picks up the amazing quilting that was done on these. Phyllis Myers is our volunteer long-arm quilter. She has now quilted 6 quilts for MHC and she has done a fabulous job each time. If you are ever in need of long-arm quilting please consider her. Her business is called QUILTS COMPLETED. Thanks Phyllis!
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Lapa said...

Coimbra, 23 de Abril de 1975.
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-"Meus caros irmãos em Cristo: suponhamos que um de vós é dono de uma vaca leiteira; se ganhar o socialismo, fica o irmão com a vaca, mas tem que dar o leite a esse partido; se ganhar o comunismo, fica sem a vaca e sem o leite..." "