Friday, March 21, 2008

Think Pink


A few months ago, someone donated a Ziploc baggie full of different sized pink strips. It looked like a good challege to me, so yesterday I took them out and sorted them and put this quilt together. It was fun and a great reminder that scraps are not trash! Maybe we will be asked to give a quilt to a women with breast cancer in the near future. I think this quilt would be fun to give her. We'll see.

On another note,(I always seem to have two points to my blogs) I wanted to mention a newer partnership that MHC has developed with another non-profit organization called Until Journey's End (UJE). UJE was started by a family that we gave a quilt to last November. I read on a blog about Tiffany Evans and her family. They were living in a Ronald McDonald house in Ohio while they waited for their precious baby Isaac to grow big enough to travel home to Grand Rapids. It was a long journey for them but Isaac is home and doing great!! I actually met Tiffany and Isaac in February and we had a great talk. She is a very energentic and inspirational person. Based on her experiences away from home and family, she has felt called to help other families in a similar situation by sending them a care package and notes of encouragement over a period of time. When appropriate, she will add a quilt from us to a care package. You can learn more about Until Journey's End from her She is always looking for more families to help and for items for the care packages.
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Luckeyone said...

Cute - Love the quilt.

You beat me to a pink quilt. I bought home some material and have a great pink/yello thing going (mostly in my head - still working on the time...)

hoekstra family said...

I love the pink quilt! I am getting more motivated all the time - and actually put a sewing machine on my Christmas list (yes, I already have a Christmas list started.)