Thursday, August 28, 2008


I got some disappointing news yesterday from the powers that be at the West Michigan Quilt Show. I had asked if we could set up a small display about our ministry and leave out brouchures for people to take at the upcoming Quilt Show. I guess I never expected the answer I was given.

"Carin:Unfortunately, we must deny your request to promote your non-profit at the upcoming quilt show. The Quilts on the Grand 2008 is intended to draw attention and support to "The Tie That Binds" and "Habitat for Humanity of Kent County". They need to be the main (and only) focus during this event. As you probably know, "The Tie That Binds" is the guild's ongoing cause. The second charity changes with every biennial quilt show. To be considered for the 2010 show, you will have the opportunity to turn in a written request to the show committee"

In my mind I feel like there should be room for any group who wants to use quilting to encourage people in our community. The Tie that Binds gives quilts exclusively to NICU babies. Habitat for Humanity doesn't give quilts to anyone....
Anyway, you better believe that I will apply to be considered for the 2010 show but in the meantime I feel discouraged. I was really looking forward to sharing what we are doing with the largest quilting audience in West Michigan. Now we must find other avenues to reach that same group. Please pray that we will find these ways and continue to progress in a positive direction.

The good news is that I have two quilts displayed in the show, one is personal, and the other is a Margaret's Hope Chest quilt. If you are in the GR area the first weekend of Oct. check them out at the DeltaPlex.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible! I'm very sorry they were not open to allowing you to share all the great things MHC is doing. Please keep up the good fight. MHC and all the familes served are worth it.


hoekstra family said...

I too am sorry to hear that you won't be ablt to promote MHC. I will definately look for other avenues for you. I have a group of 4 (including myself) that are going to start quilting once a month starting Oct.16.! We are really excited!

sally mountz said...

That is terrrible. There should be plenty of room for any charitable organization. I learned about you from the community bee at the Y. I have several quilts I would like to donate to you. Do you have a certain size? I will bring them to the next bee.
Sally Mountz