Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Julie


This whirlygig quilt is on it's way to Julie. Today is the one year anniversary of Julie's marriage ending abruptly and unexpectedly. Deep pain, loneliness and I suspect hopelessness have followed. It is our prayer that she and her two young children are healing and find forgiveness and peace.
Giving this quilt to Julie demonstrates God's sense of humor. I worked with Julie several years ago when I was in college. She gave me a not so good evaluation and I have been bitter about it ever since. I made this quilt especially for her as an act of forgiveness(by the way I LOVE this quilt-the colors, the pattern). I thought about her and me and how unforgiving I can be. I thought about how never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being able to make a quilt for her. And all of this was set in motion by my grandma's murder. Amazing. So, this quilt serves two purposes I guess. One, HOPE for her, and two, a way for me to say I'm sorry for being so unforgiving.
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hoekstra family said...

Wow - you are amazing! Thanks!