Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quilt for Claude

A really sharp-looking quilt that I don't have a picture of is being delivered to Claude. We call this quilt one of our MAN QUILTS because it has no flowers, hearts, or shades of pink in it :). We have been saving it for just the right man of God's choosing. This is what Claude's friend writes about his situation, "He sustained a neck injury resulting in paralysis after a fall on the ice earlier this month. He will soon move to a long-term care facility. He was/is a father -figure to several grandsons, expecially after his daughter died a couple of years ago. Even though he has a trach and feeding tube in place, he did show a little improvement in the last few days." It sounds like it will be a long road for Claude and his wife and those who love them. We pray it is a road filled with HOPE and caring.

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