Saturday, September 12, 2009

One True HOPE

I came across this ad on Facebook this morning. It upsets me a bit because I feel as if 100's of people are going to be misled at this conference. According to their advertising you can create HOPE in your life simply through positive thinking and step by step techniques. I would rename this the Optimism Conference. I believe one can create positive thinking and optimism in their life but HOPE is a deeper issue.
I believe that true HOPE comes from a belief is Jesus Christ. A belief that there is a plan for your life beyond this earthly life. Life on earth (both the good and bad) is only part of God's plan for each of us.
At MHC we try to share the HOPE that we have with others who feel HOPELESS. We are completely aware that some of the people we give quilts to don't share this true HOPE. We don't force our beliefs on them but we strive to serve gently and carefully.

2009 Hope Symposium

On the weekend of September 19/20, 2009, the NLP Canada Training community will gather at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto for the HOPE Symposium. NLP is the art of replicating excellence: it offers a direct, effective way to promote and sustain the HOPE that good things are attainable in our lives, work and relationships.

Almost 20 speakers, all NLP practitioners trained at NLP Canada Training, will offer compelling stories of how they have integrated NLP into their work in fields as diverse as training, coaching, entrepreneurship, alternative health care, counseling and IT. It is an ideal opportunity for NLP enthusiasts to learn more about the difference that NLP practices make in the way people see the world and shape it. A limited number of weekend passes will be reserved for sale to newcomers who are curious about how NLP offers tools for making a positive difference in themselves and the world.

Why you’ll be glad you came:

  • Speakers with success in consulting, coaching, teaching and alternative health
  • Presentations that combine concepts with stories and suggestions you can use
  • Hope is contagious! You’ll catch some at the conference and spread it to those around you.

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