Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Word about Craft Hope

While we have officially launched the Hope Squared project here on our blog and around the Grand Rapids area, you may have noticed that our partner Craft Hope has not. I just wanted to take a few sentences to assure you that they will be launching us as their 5th project in about 2 weeks. Craft Hope's founder, Jade, is delivering a new baby TODAY-enough said :).
We have a growing interest is what we are doing. There was a small annoucement made at the West Michigan Quilters Guild meeting last week. Charlotte heard the announcement and promptly got involved and donated 4 quilts-yahoo! Slowly, quilters are adding our button to their personal blogs. Some have even taken the time to write a short post about our project. Thanks so much. Each little bit helps get the word out. Do you have a quilt blog where you could add our button?
We will get a HUGE boost in publicity this weekend when Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood will write a article for the Grand Rapids Press and feature a podcast interview with yours truly (and my mom) on her Craft Sanity site. I believe that she will also do a quick quilt tutorial on Take Five and Company on Friday morning. Wow. Do you believe that we can collect 400 quilts in a month and a half?

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hoekstra family said...

YES we can! Our group just finished our 3rd quilt top! : )