Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Over the past two weeks I have been processing the meaning and impact of the 'Wrapped in Hope' program. Daily I am getting thank-yous in my inbox from families who have received a quilt--and yes, I said FAMILIES there because when that birthday quilt arrives it is a present for the whole family--a gift of HOPE to mom or grandma who is parenting solo, to dad who would give anything to be there for the child's birthday, and to the child who has a comforting quilt to wrap up in and think of dad.
Read these few notes from the past two weeks and I think you will see what I am talking about:

"I wanted to let you know i have recieved both blankets and they are greatly appriciated . I will let them open them on there birthdays . my husband said to tell yall thank you he is so glad to hear about yall and he is going to tell some of the inmates he knows about yall ."

"I just wanted to let you know (as well as the person who made the quilt) that it arrived today. His dad called and we let him open it while he was on the phone and it was a HUGE success. He absolutely loved the quilt, the card really added the touch that made him 'know' it was from his dad, and even now hours later he's all bundled up in it. We are moving soon and his room is being redone in fish/ocean so he's running around telling every one his dad got it for him for his new room. It was a great gift and it meant the world to all of us. Thank you so much!"

"Hannah received her quilt and it was beautiful. We went and visited with her dad this weekend, and they allowed her to take it in with her. My son said to tell you thank you very much, and you don’t know how grateful he is. Once again, thank you!"

"Kymber got her \quilt today and loves it!!!! It is beautiful"

_"I received the twins quilts today and they are breath taking words can not descripe the emotions I felt when they were taken out of the box I had tears in my thinking someone cared enough abut my babies to do something like that. They will really enjoy those quilts, Again thank you and your program and the lady or ladies that made those quilts. I would like to help any way I can so please let me know what I can do to help. Again thank you and your program."


Gin said...

that's so lovely! it's encouraging to know we are making someone happy

Deborah said...

I was wondering if Lily got her quilt.