Friday, April 9, 2010

A Special Thank-you!

Did you know that I occasionally quilt for my own pleasure? Well, in this case it was quilting for someone else's pleasure in return for someone else quilting for my pleasure. Are you confused? I joined a pot holder swap about 2 months back and yesterday I became the new owner of these 2 potholders!

A big thanks to Lydia who was my secret pot holder sewer. She was so sweet that she went 'beyond the call of duty' and sent these fabrics for Margaret's Hope Chest as well. It was a good day!

These are the potholders that I made for my partner. They were a little more difficult than I had anticipated--I used two layers of the heat resistant padding in the middle and that made my layers shift and soon my one inch border was much thinner than it was supposed to be. Ya live-Ya learn and then you join the next exchange! Can't wait to try again!


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

brenda said...

Too cute never seen a pot holder made out of quilt pieces!!!!