Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I've Been Up To--School Fundraising Auction Edition

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
I am linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced this week!

Hold on to your crafting hats ladies because I am going to blow you away with lots of fun kid-created art treasures.  My works in progress have been many and I am tired---really tired of piecing and stuffing pillows.  In the last two weeks I have made 25 pillows, 5 bags and 100 magnets :)
THANK GOD the school fundraising auction is on Friday and I can return to life as normal on Saturday!
Here's the truth: I am not a team player when it comes to crafts. Gossip amongst yourselves about that.
So, when I commited to helping with the student made art projects for the fundraising auction I knew what I was getting myself into--a ton of work because I like it done a certain way and that usually involves a lot of time and effort. And I love it--up until the last 48 hours and then I am ready to be done!

First up, I scanned these art pieces that grade 4/5 had painted--downloaded them to and a yard of each (that got me 6 of each of the prints).  I made pillows and bags and also notecards, magnets and a calendar (used Staples to print the paper stuff).
Some of the stuff is pictured below.

this is my daughters print :)

Grade 6 hand stitched 'Words to Live By' and I made them into pillows--I had the most fun with these.  I did have to correct a few stitches here and there--but tried to keep them as 'real' as possible :)
I used a TON of scraps on these-yeah!

 And I also made these two quilts--one for Kinder and one for Grade 1/2.

And so now, I get to resume my regular life as director of MHC--I am looking forward to organizing Bee Blocks into a birthday quilt for Joshua--finishing up a few tops that have been on the back burner for far too long and getting ready to move out of my house in 7 weeks!
Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!


sunny said...

STOP! You're making me dizzy. Holy cow you've been busy. I love that handprint quilt the best. But it's all really cool stuff.

Sandra said...

Loved seeing all the wonderful projects for your school auction! Wow! Great job on all those creative ideas. Hope the fundraiser went well!

Amy said...

WOW! alot of nice projects! the childrens artwork will be priceless.the parents will be bidding high for them I am sure.

Debbie said...

wowsers! That is ALOT of accomplishment. I adore those stitched pillows and the starry night bag! Just precious!

jirons42 said...

All this makes me glad my kids are all grown and gone :-)

Lee said...

Whew! I'm tired just looking at it all! But what beautiful things! Isn't Spoonflower just full of possibilities for kids' artwork? Love it! And the handprint quilt is just adorable. Ditto for all the pillows with the embroidered phrases.

Nice job! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Lynn said...

So much you've accomplished! the Dr. Suess quilt and the handprint quilt are fantastic, they really turned out well. I love the artwork, what a great idea using spoonflower. Like the Van Gogh influences!

Anonymous said...

They all look great, but that "snooze you lose" pillow had me rolling with laughter.

blessings, jilly

Carol said...

love the handprint quilt. the colors just lovely.

sallgood said...

Absolutely Fantastic!!

Keri said...

Do you have a pattern for the handprint quilt?