Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guest Blogger--My Mom

Six years since Mom was declared brain dead, and she was considered a murder victim.  So much has happened since those April days.  Our family did not have to wait many years or even many months before the two young women were arrested and had their days in court.  Our loving families, friends and communities surrounded us with prayers every step of the way.  Dad was amazed each time a new great-grandchild was born.  There were 16 from the time of Mom's death until his death in early September, 2010, and 7 more since then.
     But the most amazing gift of all was the start of Margaret's Hope Chest, and its continuing good work to people around the country.  One thousand quilts given away in less than four years!  None of this would be possible without the generosity of all of you who are reading this post today.  God has worked through you to bring comfort and hope to us, and we have been able to pass on that hope and comfort to so many hundreds of people - some we know, so many more that we will never meet.  This is what I had published last year in our local paper as a memoriam to Mom on the fifth anniversary of her death.  "If you but trust in God to guide you, and place your confidence in Him, you'll find Him always there beside you, to give you hope and strength within."  Thank you, everyone, for partnering with us in this work that Carin lovingly started in Mom's memory.  And all praise and thanks to God for blessing the work that is Margaret's Hope Chest. 


Amy said...

Thanks Mom.

Anonymous said...

God has touched so many lives through Margaret's HOpe Chest. As a sewer, I have loved the opportunity to make something that will be treasured and loved by a child who could use some Hope. I really enjoyed picking out just the right fabric, and praying for the child I was sewing for. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do that and be part of Margarets Hope chest!

Anonymous said...

Your mother is (must be) very proud of you and the wonderful work that you do to honor her memory. You took a tragedy and transformed it into hope, Margaret's Hope Chest. How beautiful of you to share forgiveness, healing, and generosity with the world. I am honored to have come to your site! May God continue to bless you--and may peace continue to surround you!