Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Quilting Scrapbook

This summer I have decided to do something a little unoriginal but fun none the less--I am only making quilts out of scraps.  Some of you know that in less than two weeks, my family will be moving from Toronto-which we have called home for the past 3 years-to Michigan.  We will stay in Michigan until mid-October and then we will move to our new 'home away from home' in Bermuda.  About a month ago I sorted all of my fabric (which is quite a collection) by theme and boxed it up and now it is awaiting the movers.  All of my scraps were boxed up and sent to Michigan in a U-Haul over the Memorial Day weekend.  4 huge boxes of scraps await me at my house in Michigan--and I am giddy with excitement.  All scraps--all summer long!!  I am going to document my scrap quilts on the blog this summer using the collage feature at Picnik.  Hopefully, by the end of the summer I will have a huge collage of scrap quilts.
Here is the first quilt in the scrapbook:

 The Siggy Block Remake
This is what happens when someone sends Margaret's Hope Chest their unwanted signature blocks.
I tear then apart and rebuild.  I made up this pattern myself-although it is far from original. If you want to know how I did it-leave a comment and if more than one person comments I will draw a diagram and post it :)

 I really enjoyed making this pieced backing
 I used every scrap from the siggy blocks--I am quite proud of that fact and I think Amanda Jean will be quite pleased with my fabric frugality.

 Here is a close up of the quilting--just random straight line quilting because well, that is the only stitch my machine will agree to do lately.  I tried to talk my husband into a new machine about a week ago but we have some MAJOR moving expenses in our near future that he was kind enough to remind me of so it was a no go.  Oh well, I guess this summer I will also prove what you can do with a half functioning sewing machine!

Here is the Summer Scrapbook Collage as of today.....

If you want to join me in creating a Summer Scrapbook let me know--I have never done the whole Mr. Linky thing before but I would like to try it if there is enough interest.  I can also help you make a collage on the Picnik site if you need guidance.  
Have a wonderful week--and come back soon to see our BLOG MAKEOVER!


Angela D. said...

I love this. I'd love to see how you put it together. At first I thought it was in strips across the quilt, but the detail photo looks different. This would be great to use up some scraps.

Tricia C. said...

This is a delightful quilt! I'd also like to know how you did it. Thanks for sharing!!

Lynn said...

That makes 3 of us!

SherryB said...

Me too (me four?)! Love the idea of using scraps but it would probably take me more than one summer! Best of luck on your move; I don't think I could get much sewing done and packing too. You are very dedicated. Looking forward to your finished projects.

Vickie said...

What a great idea!! Only scraps...and moving to Bermuda! I am going to have to try that...scraps, but (unfortunately) not Bermuda!! hehehe Love the quilt! Hugs!

amandajean said...

Oh, my, how I love this quilt! I am very impressed with your scrap frugality. I have lots to learn from you! thanks for sharing the measurements. You can be sure I'll be making one. or more!

Have fun playing with your scraps this summer. That sounds delightful!!!

P.S. I'm still in love with your pinwheels! I'm delighted to know they are Kona solids. I have some charms I don't know what to do with...this just may be the ticket!