Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why My Afternoon Was So Good

I am in the middle of a lovely afternoon for 5 reasons:
1. I am pinning this quilt which I started a long time ago and just finally am getting around to finishing.

2. The workmen who have been terrorizing me and my yard for the past 10 days are finished and gone--with all of their noise, dirt and bad attitudes.
3. I am wearing a cute cotton dress that I found at the grocery store today.

4. There is a lovely breeze blowing through the windows.
5. These 2.5 inch squares will very soon be turned into a cute pinwheel quilt.


SherryB said...

Love the backing on your quilt (cute front too---wish I would get busy on some UFO's), love your dress (sweet print fabric), and can't WAIT to see how the pinwheel quilt comes out... I am not good at waiting...tap, tap (that's my foot)!

Melanie said...

All of your projects are beautiful, but I can't wait to see the pinwheels!

sunny said...

That is a really cute dress. Do you buy all you clothing in the grocery store? I must not be shopping at the right places!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

A wonderful afternoon, indeed! :)

Christene said...

LOVE the dress!! (and the quilt and the nice-afternoon-blog, but mostly the dress!!)