Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can Anyone Help??


Hi Friends!  I will be back tomorrow to share what I have been working on lately but tonight I have a somewhat desperate plea--does anyone have a quilt already made that we could send to a little boy named Cody.  Cody's mom and dad are in prison in Michigan--Cody's mom just heard about Margaret's Hope Chest in prison and has requested a quilt for the birthday's of her 3 children.
We have the other two kids covered with quilts that we have in our stash
but Cody is going to turn 7 and he likes camouflage, trucks, and hunting and we do not have anything that fits any of those themes.
His birthday is September 27--so the quilt would have to be sent out ASAP--I have the address ready to go.
So if you have anything that could be sent to this sweet little boy please email me!

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