Friday, September 9, 2011

Home from Vacation for a Few Days--A Beautiful Donation--Argh! A Pirate Quilt--and Prison Giveaway Tomorrow

 Hello friends! I am back for a few days from a vacation that was interupted by a misbehaving transmission--but we rolled with it and will return to our camping adventure on Monday morning.  
I have lots to share about the world and work of Margaret's Hope Chest.
 We have received so many quilt and quilt top donations over the past month--it has been amazing! Thanks to all who have spent the time and money to send or drop these quilts off--the quilts pictured below came last week from Jessica at Twin Fibers.  I just love her blog and I was amazed to find out that she only lives 30 minutes from me and also, that she donated a large group of her latest projects! 
You will continue to see other donations as we work our way through the 100 or so quilt tops--so awesome!

 The night before we left for our trip I finished this pirate/skull themed quilt for an almost 2 year old who has a daddy in prison.  I used the disappearing nine patch block because it's fast and easy :) and I was down to the wire!  I hope he loves it!

And one of the great things that came out of our interrupted vacation was that I am able to join my mom tomorrow at a prison in northern Michigan to share our story and message of forgiveness and HOPE with a group of prisoners. Then each dad will pick out a quilt (most of which have been donated by blog readers :) ) to give their child/children.  I love these days the best--I wish you all could see the joy that the quilts bring these families.  43 children will walk out of the prison tomorrow with a concrete symbol of their father's love!  I can't wait!
And so I will sign off for now and be back soon with more updates on God's work through MHC!!!


April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

Thank you for sharing about the latest news. And about the Twin Fibers blog! It's a great read.

Hope your transmission troubles are a thing of the past. Happy Camping! :)

Lynn said...

Love the pirate quilt.