Friday, December 9, 2011

'Plans to Give you HOPE and a Future'

" For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremian 29:11

Wow, it has been some time since I have shared what is going on in the world of Margaret's Hope Chest. God has a plan for our future service to people who need HOPE--it is always humbling (and exciting) to sit back and watch our coming year of service fall into place. 

Our 'Wrapped in Hope' list is looking great! I just added 4 more children--it changes every day.  Thanks to those quilters who have signed up to make a special quilt for one of these children.  Again, we invite anyone reading this blog to sign up--there is no membership here, we don't require certain skills or fabrics, we are looking for people who want to serve others (in this case, children with a parent in prison) through the work of their hands-that's it.

We are fundraising this month. Yipee! (that is me trying to make you believe that I love asking people for money-which of course, I don't)  Thankfully, we are a small operation and most of our 'donations' come in the form of quilters who use their own fabric and materials to make the quilts.  But we do need to keep a small budget for shipping quilts, rolls of batting, travel costs to prison giveaways, and creating promotional materials. 

Enter 25 days of Giving--something I have created this year for fundraising.  We have been asking friends, family and supporters of MHC to choose a day in December to donate any amount of money to support the work we will do in 2012.  There are 7 days left with no sponsor and so as a last step, I came to this blog last to see if there are a few people who would be interested in taking a day to support us financially.  Of course, I know that if you are reading here you believe that what we are doing is important--and if you already volunteer quilt for us--you really believe that a handmade quilt can bring HOPE  to someone who is hurting so please don't feel obligated.  I live my life (at the fundraising part of it) under the adage; "The worst they can say is no" and it is working pretty good for me so far!
 I do want to share one exciting donation that we received last weekend.  My mom's church held a 'Tour of Tables' event (which I won't describe here but you can Google it) on Saturday and there was a collection for Margaret's Hope Chest. My mom spoke briefly about what we have been doing recently and she must have made an impact because these women donated over $1000!!!!  Wow! A huge thank you to them.

And two more things--looking ahead to next year--we have agreed to collect 25 quilts for the Home of Victory in Honduras.  This is a private orphanage that cares for BOYS who are ages 4-14.  So we are looking for BOY QUILTS to send to them--there is no firm time frame right now but I would like to shoot for April.
Also, we will be collecting BABY QUILTS for a program in Haiti.  Mothers who are attending prenatal classes at the Heartline Maternity Center will get to pick out a quilt for their unborn child.  These quilts are an incentive for these moms to attend each class--and get educated about proper nutrition (for themselves and their unborn child) and newborn care. Also, no set timeline but I would like to send a group as soon as we have about 20-25.
So....if you have time to make one or more quilts we have people to share them with!

Well, I should go and teach my kids a few things since the stomach flu put us a few days behind!


marilyn said...

I love Heartline ministries and have been following the online blog for some time. Will definately have to send along some quilts for that :)

beth lehman said...

I've been reading about Heartline all year - I can't wait to make something for those lovely women!!

Carol E. said...

All the days are taken, so I am going to add myself to Dec 23. I get paid on Dec 22, and I'm all done Christmas shopping, so I'll have some I can afford to share. I'll send some $$ on 12/23 which I jokingly call "Christmas Adam."

Magpie Sue said...

Do you want actual quilts or something more on the order of receiving blankets for the Heartline Center? Maybe a pieced top and flannel back quilted together?