Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrapped in Hope 2012 List is Up!!!

Hello everyone out there in Blogland!!  Hope you are all looking forward to a wonderful day of THANKS this Thursday.  Of course, in Bermuda it is not a holiday but there are scores of people here who like America enough to celebrate it anyway!  Our family will go the Aquarium, have a picnic lunch and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the evening--at least that is the plan right now.  
So, just in time I have posted the new Wrapped in Hope 2012 list here on this blog and also HERE.  If you are interested in quilting for one of these precious children (looks like some fun choices available!) please e-mail me and I will send you all of the information you will need.  If you are new to Margaret's Hope Chest and Wrapped in Hope, you can read more about this program HERE.
Lord willing, I will have some more sweethearts to add to the list very soon--but God needs to connect a few more dots :) until then, we have 36 children to serve--blessings!!!


January 10--Orianne (female) will be 3--brown and pink, polka dots Jill

January 18--Oren will be 5--red, black, superheroes Tina

January 20--Elessia will be 10--pink, purple, turtles, butterflies Brittany

January 24--Rachael will be 16--pink, back, red  Carol


February 9--Tyler will be 10--cars (not the movie) blue

February 13--Alyssa will be 13--hot pink, Hello Kitty and Zebra print (twin with Alessandra)

February 13--Alessandra will be 13--red, Paris, cheetahs (twin with Alyssa)

February 19--Jacob will be 2--blues, browns, and Goofy Teresa

February 24--Giuliana will be 6--purple Lynn

February 24--Dartavius will be 10--basketball, blue, red

MARCH 2012

March 1--Chauncey will be 18--cheerleading, blue gold

March 8--DeMariay will be 10--legos, baseball, basketball, soccer

March 26--Isis will be 11--pink, soccer, peace signs Janet

March 27--Dominique will be 18--blue, Colts (football team) Brittany

March 28--Nayla will be 7--yellow, pink Anita

March 30--Aaliyah will be 8--hearts, purple, light blue Dorothy

APRIL 2012

April 4--Taeler will be 9--purple and black, or teal, birds, peace signs, stars Catherine

MAY 2012

May 5--Tre will be 13--dogs, cats, football, blue, black, white Sherry V.

May 12--Dion will be 18--green, Patriots football team

May 19--Corey will be 13--football Katie

May 24--Addison will be 1--zebra, lime green, hot pink Dorothy

JUNE 2012

June 3--Ebony will be 18--pink, Winnie the Pooh

June 10--Mariha will be 9--fashion, music, purple, light blue Carol

June 18--Tahoni will be 10--blue, cheerleading

June 22--Luke will be 7--red and black, skateboards, Chargers (football team) Kelsey

June 29--Ethan will be 10--black, red, gray, soccer Catherine

JULY 2012


August 1--Dayvhoun will be 11--black, gray, blue, orange, dogs, tigers, elephants, cats, football, baseball, basketball (twin with Dayjon) Christene

August 1--Dayjon will be 11--red, black, green, blue, lions, tigers, dogs, football, basketball, soccer (twin with Dayvhoun)Christene

August 12--Darius will be 14--any colors, please put his name on the quilt somewhere. Sherry V.

August 27--Juicy will be 10--shopping and drawing


September 5--Rell will be 11--red, green, football, cheetahs, black

September 15--Areal(female) will be 12--basketball, gymnastics, football, soccer, yellow, purple, blue, puppies Joan


October 9--Tony will be 11--fishing, bike riding, all sports Sherry V.

October 30--Gabriella will be 4--pink, purple, brown, puppies and polka dots Char


November 2--Alyssa will be 7--pink, purple, hearts Vicky

November 14--De'Marco will be 11--red, black, gold 

November 27--William will be 12--blue, green, gold


December 13--Taleia will be 6--purple, butterflies, Barbie, princesses Sherry V.

December 15--Destiny will be 2--Winnie the Pooh, pink, some green, flowers, and her name Maureen

December 25--Bobby will be 11--wrestling, Nascar

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