Friday, August 30, 2013

Finish it Up Friday-Two Weeks in a Row!

 We haven't started homeschooling yet (waiting for our curriculum in the mail) so that means I am still on summer vacation--which means I am allowing myself each afternoon (and evening) to create yummy things!  I have wanted to make a fabric banner or pendant (not exactly sure what to call it)  for a long time and when we decided to give Pearl her own room I finally had my chance.  This would be a perfect project for scraps but I used some charm squares and yardage for the perfect combination of colors. 
 I love how it brightens her room and draws your eyes up for a change.

 Close up on one of the pieces--the coloring is wonky but you get the idea.  I decided to back each piece with a neutral color piece of fabric.  This added the weight and stability you need when hanging things from the ceiling. 

A second finish for the week was this quilt. I had finished the top in the spring but brought it back to Michigan to be quilted.  This week I finished attaching the binding by hand-a luxury I haven't afforded myself for quite some time.  I love the entire 'Kids at Play' fabric line so I particularily love this quilt.  I don't have a use for it right now but I am sure the perfect person will come around! 

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it Friday!  Who knows, maybe I will back again next week with more surprises!!


Yvonne@thatssewcreative said...

The kids at play is pretty! It's just the sweetest quilting too.

Lynn said...

Two weeks in a row! One day I would like you to share how you accomplish so much. What a lovely quilt, I really like the pattern. It looks like it would be a cute and easy pattern for a quilt to donate!

Love Of Quilts said...

This is just a darling quilt!

bevkimmel said...

That sweet quilt will make some parent happy because the child using it will love going to bed just to snuggle under it!

Amy said...

Love Pearl's room. So nice to see how cute it is!

Magpie Sue said...

How big are the blocks in this quilt you just finished up? It looks like a nice simple pattern I could easily work up. :- )