Friday, September 27, 2013

An Easy Way to Help!

Thank you to all who signed up over the last two weeks to make a quilt for 'A Mother's Hope'! We filled up all of the spaces plus a few!!  It amazes me every time I ask for volunteers how quickly people step forward.  I know that this is God's work and he sends each of our volunteers to us--the last two weeks have solidified that for me again.
The good news is that we have one more way that you can become involved in this program and it is quite easy.  Last year we collected different blocks for Project HOPE and it was quite a hit!  To finish off this year we will have one collection of blocks for 'A Mother's Hope'. (for more information on 'A Mother's Hope' please read this post.)
We will be collecting log cabin blocks!  Here is one I made yesterday following the tutorial that Amanda Jean put together some years ago.
Hopefully, we will collect 100's of these babies and be able to piece them into quilts and keep this program going!
Here are the details of the collection:
1. Follow Amanda Jean's tutorial (click here).  I used it yesterday and it works :)
2.  Choose any color but make each block one color--all pink, all green, all yellow etc.  This will make it easier for us to put them together into tops. Remember these quilts will be for woman so please don't use juvenile fabrics in the blocks.
3. Deadline for this block collection is November 1st.  That gives you a little over a month to make one, two or ten!  Trust me, they are addicting--I can't wait to make a few more this afternoon.
4.  Send finished blocks to:
    Margaret's Hope Chest
    630 Griswold SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Once again, thank you for helping us give HOPE to these mothers!

And one more thing--I finished this quilt this week.  Someone donated a 'Maisy' panel and coordinating fabric this summer and when I saw it--I grabbed it!  I had so much fun putting this together.  It will find a new home very soon.

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's 'Finish it up Friday'!  Have a great week!


Snowcatcher said...

Gosh, that quilt turned out so bright and cheery. I'm sure it will spread happiness wherever it winds up!

marilyn said...

can I send finished quilts to this address for A Mother's Hope?

Georgi Sears said...

So so cute! Love the bright colors!!

jo said...

I have some wonky log cabin blocks that are single colour and 8.5 inch in size. Would these be useful or are you wanting only log cabins with equal sized rounds.

diplofam said...

Marilyn--yes, you can send finished quilts to this address as well. Jo--those wonky log cabins sound great and would be fun to add into the mix-thanks!!

Michele T said...

I would love to make some blocks!!

margaret said...

just made a green log cabin block so will pop it in the post but might take a few sdays as I am in the UK

lbdoherty said...

Thanks for the opportunity to help out with such a worthy cause. Six green blocks coming your way soon from Atlanta!

Donna said...

Count me in to help with this great program! I have 5 blocks completed and am inspired to make a few more. I'll mail them next week. :)

New Salem Homestead said...

These things are addicting! I have 14 made and a few more cut waiting for me to stitch together. As soon as I stop sewing them I will put them in the mail to you.

Amy Friend said...

The Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild is sending out a package of blocks for you on Monday! Thank you for this opportunity to help.