Sunday, November 17, 2013

HUGE Update Post

 I realize the title of the post is misleading---there is no one HUGE update to report--just a HUGE amount of smaller updates that might make this post a little lengthy.

#1 UPDATE:  As of late last week we have received a total of 678 log cabin blocks!!! Wow, I think we can make at least 11 quilts from those blocks.  Thank you to each who have contributed in small and large ways.  Each block was a step toward the final goal which is to bring HOPE to struggling new moms. 

#2 UPDATE: We have received several beautiful quilts for the Mother's Program from those who signed up for the monthly collection.  I forgot to ask my dad to take pictures of some of the quilts given in the early part of October (sorry) but this group of quilts pictured below will be the next group to be given.

Aren't they great?  Everyone did a fantastic job!  Thank you to our October quilt-makers;                  
1.  Carin                               
2.  Mindy                              
3.  Pam                                 
4.  Diann                              
5. wkelli88                            
6. Anita                                 
7. Amy                                  
8. Sherry  

#3 UPDATE: It has been far too long since we have shared a giving update.  I have loved looking back over what has been a very busy year for our family and seeing that God has continued the work of Margaret's Hope Chest in many different ways.  

33 to local agencies who have needs for baby quilts.
8 quilts to those mourning a loss - Rick, Dominique, James, Willow, Erandi, Pastor Arlan, Ana & parents,
178 quilts to children with a parent in prison - either for their birthday or for the program at the prison with their parent.
19 to those people getting treatment for their illness, usually chemo for cancer - Liz, Micah, Christine, Carleen,
    Rhonda, Karen, Cynthia, Anne, Roxanne, Bob, Scott, Marie, Helen, Dave, Ellen, Jodie, Brian, Marla, George
36 to organizations in the Grand Rapids area that serve those needing financial help
108 to the Mother post partum support program at Pine Rest
7 miscellaneous
25 boy quilts to Honduras
32 to orphans in Haiti
23 to Village of Hope in Guatemala
20 to Rays of Hope going to Haiti
2 for fund raising purposes
#4 UPDATE:  Looking forward to 2014--we need to replenish our supply of kid's quilts for the prison giveaways.  So we will be having a couple of quilt and block collections in January, February and March.  I hope that you will be able to save a few hours in the new year for Margaret's Hope Chest.

#5 UPDATE: Our total number of quilts we have given is 1882!!!  Almost 2000!!!


margaret said...

this is the most worthwhile blog in cyber space, so good to read all you have done and continue to do. I was thrilled to make a couple of blocks for your quilts. It s a shame that postage costs are so high but I am now planning to make bits and bobs for a hospice near me where my daughter is about to start nursing, she has been a nurse 8 years ans just completed a course in palative care which is needed in the hospices here. Keep up the wonderful work you are so many others are doing.

Anonymous said...

I am still working on my quilt for November. I love to sew, but I am incredibly slow. I am making a 1600 quilt with a jelly roll---I am glad to see that someone else made one, too. I hope it is not too big---when you say "lap size," I think about MY lap, which is pretty generous. What are the guidelines for the kids' quilts you will be collecting for the prison program after the holidays? My plan is to take my quilt for A Mother's Hope to the post office on Monday.

Shanna said...

I am really excited about the new blocks coming up for this next year. Would you still be interested in more log cabin blocks?

I was wondering if you ever thought of requesting This block:

It would be very interesting to see all the blocks people would come up with. I have seen the solid fabric be all sorts of solids, there is a companion block that fills in opposite. There is a tutorial at Little Miss Shabby!

I was also thinking postage Stamp blocks might be fun with a solid colored sashing when you assemble you could use a variety of blocks then from different people.

Tamera said...

What an incredible legacy to your grandmother!