Friday, November 22, 2013

Finish It Up Friday--Two More Finishes!

 This week I finished up the bindings on two quilts.  The first is made from a panel of Alexander Henry's 'Once Upon a Time' fabric line.  I had been holding on to this fabric for a couple of years but decided it would make a perfect quilt for our prison ministry.  Like I said last week--we are going to work very hard in 2014 to build up our reserves so that we can participate in as many giveaways as possible. 

The second quilt I finished is my December contribution to 'A Mother's Hope'.  What I love about this quilt is that it was made from all donated material/blocks.  The bright colored blocks in the middle of the quilt were donated and I trimmed them so they would be the same size as the white blocks that I had already cut.  The border and backing fabrics were also donated!  Three cheers for donations!
 Hip hip Horray!!
 Hip Hip Horray!
 Hip Hip Horray!
Doesn't it make my afternoon reading spot look very inviting?  And YES, do find the book 'Chains' by Laurie Anderson and read it.  Excellent choice if you like young adult historical fiction.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


Christine S said...


Mama Spark said...

Hey Carin,

I have an IKEA bag full and then some for you guys. I made another U of M and MSU quilts for you and the AAMQG made some as well. Any chance I could drop them at your mom's next Friday?

Shanna said...

What excellent finishes! I am so excited to see all that has happened in the past 3 years since I started following you here! This blog is such an example of giving and hope, now that is a wonderful legacy in your grandmother's name. Keep up the great work!

Carol E. said...

Great quilts, and thanks for the book recommendation. I love young adult books!

Dona said...

I love the idea of the fairy tale blocks. So cute!

jirons42 said...

How did you know I was straining to read the title of the book on the arm of the chair :-)