Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Few Answers About Hearts of Hope

Here are the answers to some questions that have been raised concerning the Hearts of Hope project: 1.) The pixelated heart can be any size--it just depends on how big you make your squares.
2.) Finished tops/quilts can also be any size but our suggested size in 40X60.
3.) If you have a favorite heart pattern feel free to use it!
4.) If you want to make a rag quilt that is fine too.
5.) Marilyn, who has a long-arm quilting machine, has volunteered to finish off your quilts for you--you just have to send the quilts to her. Here is her address:  
Marilyn Lewis
425 Kirby Ct
Vacaville, Ca


And here is a picture of the boy-themed heart block I made last night ;)


Francis Paul said...

I was inspired by your post, so I made a boys top this weekend. I will send it to Marylin so she can quilt it on her longarm. If you want to see what a made:

Anonymous said...

Can we still donate lap quilts for "A Mother's Hope"?

Sarah said...

I have a pieced top to send; do you also want backing and batting with it?

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