Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Quilts to 'A Mother's Hope'

 Look at these BRILLIANT quilts which were delivered to the Mother/Baby program this week!!  Again, I will gush over how each is so unique and special, just like the moms who will choose one to become a symbol of hope in their lives.
Please notice this quilt:

It is the first (of many) made from the log cabin blocks we collected earlier this year!  Isn't it cheerful?!  

A big thank you to those who donated these quilts of the last month.  You make our mission a joy!

We always need more quilts for this program.  This is an ongoing need.  Please see the details HERE and consider helping out!


margaret said...

a lovely selection of quilts made for such a worthwhile cause

Carol E. said...

Love the quilts, but especially wanted to comment on the log cabin made from donation blocks. Love the colors you put together. It's such a happy quilt!

KaHolly said...

These quilts are really awesome. Quilters can be so very generous!