Monday, April 21, 2014

What's Been Happening?

 I haven't written here in an embarrassingly long time!  I have a laundry list of excuses which include my family is moving internationally yet again, the weather in Bermuda has been amazing this winter/spring and so we have spent as much time outside as possible, I have finished several personal projects over the past few months, and last but not least I am the busy mother of five small children!

Don't mistake lack of blog posts for lack of quilting work though.  I have been busy trying to use up as much fabric as I can before we move!  I spent all of January and February cutting my scraps and smaller pieces into 3 inch squares.
 Now, when I want to throw together a scrap quilt, I just head for the bin and have some fun!
 Here is a quilt I made using those 3 inch squares and some blocks that someone donated to Margaret's Hope Chest.  It was fun putting it all together and I am sure it will make a little girl very happy!
 The backing was a piece of donated fabric as well.  Yeah!

 Most evenings you will find me with this monstrosity on my lap, slowly picking out the stitches of 100's of yo-yo blocks.  Someone donated this antique yo yo quilt to MHC almost two years ago (gulp!).  I decided to take it apart and reuse the intact yo-yo's to create something new.  It has been a fun challenge and I love inventing stories in my head about who made this quilt and where each of the 100's of fabrics came from.  Maybe I will be finished with it in another two years!!!


margaret said...

unpicking those yo yos looks a major task, best of luck. Very nice quilt using up your 3" squares

Lea said...

The 3" squares quilt is so cute and cheerful. I like the sweet larger pieces of fabric you used. The backing fabric is pretty and just perfect for this quilt. Beautiful yoyo quilt! I wish you the best with your move.