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Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Two-Incher!

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Two inch quilts

I spent almost two weeks cutting all the scraps I have used for donated quilts and and my own personal scraps into two inch squares. If I had known how long it was going to take, I wouldn't have started. Ignorance was bliss. I have thousands (no exaggeration) of two inch squares of every color and print imaginable. Now, the fun begins as I create masterpieces!! This is the first one. A kid based quilt with 143 squares!
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Anne's Log Cabin Quilt

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What's New

Hello quilting friends! Just wanted to check in here and let you know what is going on at MHC. Here is the theme of the last two months-slow progress is still progress. We continue on our mission and I am starting to learn that these things take time. A human baby takes 9 months to grow to maturity in it's mother's womb-well, using this analogy (which might not be the best!) we are still developing, "gaining weight" and waiting to be birthed. Our number one need right now is for people to piece the quilt kits. We still have 8 blue quilt kits that need to be assembled. I do want to acknowledge that we have some new volunteers that have stepped forward. My Aunt Betsy has pieced one quilt and now will finish a few more and maybe try to find some volunteers in her neck of the woods (New Jersey). Thank-you so much! Also, I posted an ad on under the volunteer column and Karen contacted me and was given two kits-excellent! Over the past two weeks, I have been cutting two inch squares out of all of my scraps. With these we will make 9 patch quilts. I will post a picture of the 1000's of squares when I am finished! Also, I want to recognize our youngest volunteer quilter-my 6 year old daughter Anne. She made her first Log Cabin quilt (with a little help from me) and wants it to be given to a baby girl. If you know of a deserving baby let me know!