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Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....It's a Plane Quilt

 About three weeks ago, I was reading a quilting blog that I enjoy and the writer referenced a Flickr photo she had seen of a quilt that was displayed at the Tokyo International Quilt Show--all she wrote was '81 airplanes'.  Immediately, I clicked and fell in love with this quilt.  You see, we have an airplane lover in our house--actually, lover is not a strong enough word--perhaps obsessed or fixated gives a better picture of my son Isaac's fascination with airplanes.  He was pointing out flying things in the sky long before he could talk or walk.  Currently, at 8 years of age, he studies a 500 page book on classic military aircraft and is involved in an 'identify this airplane' game with his grandpa over e-mail.
So yes, I had to make this quilt.  About 12 hours after first seeing the quilt from the Tokyo show I began sketching my own block. I decided upon a 9 inch block--and calculated I would have to make 63 blocks.
Here is my sketch that I cut up to make my templates--I glued the paper pieces to the cardboard so I could place my fabric pieces there until they were ready to be sewn---with 16 different pieces to each block and I was quite certain if I didn't organize it this way I would be mixing up pieces and frustrating myself.
 I dug through all of my fabric scraps first--I wanted to use as many of those as possible--and then I went for solids and other prints that I had yardage of.  I had so much fun putting the 63 blocks together.  Each block took on average 30 minutes to cut out (by hand), sew, press, and trim.  That is at least 31.5 hours of quilting. As I laid in bed last night I told my husband that I can't believe I finished this quilt top in less than 3 weeks.  I thought it would take me months--it turns out that quilting gives me super-natural powers :)

 And so here it is--Isaac's airplane quilt--with one piece of border missing--it's on order and should arrive next week. When I asked Isaac what he thought of it he said "Totally awesome." A high compliment as any mother of an 8 year old would tell you!
By the way, the border and tiny one inch squares separating the blocks is Yarn Dyed Essex Linen and Cotton blend fabric from Robert Kaufman Fabrics in Denim--it is a joy to work with and gives the quilt that boy feeling I was looking for.  I found mine here.

 A few of my favorite blocks:

So, my next step is finishing it off---I am in need of some advice---has anyone out there ever sent a quilt to the Amish to be hand-quilted?  What kind of cost are we talking for a twin size quilt?  I would like to try it--I have Googled it but I would like to have a personal recommendation if possible.

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's 'Finish it Up Friday'.
Have a great weekend--I will be dreaming up my next project......

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HST's For Haiti and Honduras Project Update

Hello friends! I don't know about you but my February is flying by-so filled with parenting, teaching, quilting, cooking and cleaning.  It seems every time I come up for breath to write here at least a week has gone by!
Seeing as it is February 23 today, I wanted to give an update on our HST collection.  I am very grateful for every donation we have received.  When I started this project on the 1st of January I didn't have a goal in mind--because that would have been my goal--I start projects in areas that God leads us toward and then wait as HE calls people to serve.  That is why I love my job with Margaret's Hope Chest--I feel absolutely no pressure--just joyful service. 
And so I wanted to thank the following people for sending HST's over the past few weeks: {remember that my mail runs very slow (takes about 2 weeks to get to me after you send it) and we have missed a few deliveries over the past week due to airline issues}
Britt, Maureen, Lynn, Ros, Carol, Anita, Joan, Amber, Sharon, Sherry, and Cathy.
I have heard from these ladies that they have enjoyed making these blocks and like me, they consider it joyful service.

We are still accepting HST's--I just noticed that Amanda Jean put a link up on her blog about the project and I wanted any readers coming from that link to know that HST's for Haiti and Honduras can be sent through the end of the month.  
Here is the post that describes the project details.
And come back tomorrow because I have something pretty awesome to show you! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Would Like to Thank I-Tunes.....

Well, technically it isn't finished because I haven't quilted it yet-but the top is done. This one was so much fun to make. I think I might just do this with all of my scraps from now on-
First, I cut all of my scraps into 1.5 inch strips--then I cut those strips into pieces no longer than 4 inches and no shorter than 2 inches.  This process took approximately 3 episodes of 'Downton Abbey', 2 episodes of 'Private Practice' and 1 episode of 'Parenthood'.  Then I sewed the 1.5 inch pieces randomly into what felt like one very long never ending strip.  {I can't believe I didn't take pictures of this process}
That process took an entire season of 'I Used to Be Fat'.
The never ending strip was then cut into 12.5 inch sections. Surprisingly, this only took one episode of 'Biggest Loser'.
Twelve 12.5 inch sections make one block....
I made 32 blocks....
and watched the rest of 'Downton Abbey' Season One.
So I would like to thank I-Tunes for this quilt top--because without their steady stream of entertainment--I might have lost my mind and never finished this scrap top!
I am linking up to Amanda Jean's 'Finish It Up Friday'- Did you finish anything this week? Join the link-up and show it off!