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Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh man.  

This giveaway was more than I expected.  96 comments--and almost each one of them followed the rules :) and 

gave us the name of a very deserving man who could use some HOPE and comfort.

It is hard for people like me to only pick one 'winner'.

I really wish we could pull an Oprah-type move and give a quilt to EVERYBODY. But 

that is not a choice.....

So that is why I called my mom (the keeper of the quilts) today and asked her how many man

quilts we have in our reserves.

Her answer was 4.

So we will be giving all 4 of those away--knowing that God will replace them soon.

Here are the 4 winners:

1. Shana said...

I would love to win this quilt for my Daddy. He has Alzheimers and Dementia and while he is in the beginning stages it is progressing fairly quickly and he is only 63. It breaks my heart that he will eventually not know us and I think having something tangible to hold onto may help comfort him when he truly becomes lost. Man, I really didn't want to write what I just wrote. Sometimes writing things makes them more real I guess. Anyway, This is a lovely giveaway and what a wonderful way to do it.

2. Amy said...

I know a man who recently lost his daughter in a fatal car accident in which he was the driver. He has had a difficult time grieving and could really use something to lift his spirits. I'm sure this blanket would help.

 3. Bree said...

This is an amazingly thoughtful giveaway!
My grandfather is my nominee. He's recently been moved to a fulltime veteran's nursing home and seperated from my grandmother, who still lives in their home. He has alzheimer's, and it has gone from managable to just terrible in the last year. He rarely remembers his age or anyone around him, but the things he loves right now are quilts and stuffed animals. He's reverted to a stage where he is basically like a child again, and plays with his stuffed animals all the time at the home. An extra cuddly quilt for him would mean both something special to cuddle with, and a tent to play with his stuffed animals under. Thank you for the chance to win - I know, reading these comments - that any of these entries will be a loving home for your quilt!

4.  ♥Lola said...

I'd want my grandpa to have thiss beautiful quilt. He is 97 years old, and recently had to move over 2 hours from his home. He hasn't been adjusting well. But I think something as beautiful and cozy as this, would help him a lot!

Thanks to all who entered and brought these wonderful, struggling, sad, and loved men to our attention.  If you nominated a man who didn't win--could I encourage you (if you already haven't) to send them a little note or work of encouragement this Christmas season?  I know it isn't a quilt--but it might be what gets them through another day!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking Your Hearts

***Sew Mama Sew Giveaway is one post below this!***

I am happy to report that I am getting what I wanted for Christmas--all of the children with a January birthday on the 'Wrapped in Hope' list have a volunteer quilter! One month down--eleven to go :)

If you are new to our site--please take a look around--and if you are a quilter with a big heart and a few extra hours this year please consider making a birthday quilt for a child who has one or both parents in prison.
I have heard some heartbreaking stories over the past year but I think this one tops the list--this child and his sister are on the birthday list for 2011 but I did change their names to protect their privacy:

    " Micah and Kristin are my sons step children. If at all possible for Kristin and Micah to recieve these quilts it would mean a great deal to both of them. Both kids have had a tough year. Micah's biological father shot both Micah and Micah's mother several times and then turned the gun on himself a year ago today. My son was keeping Kristin at the time so she was unharmed but like her brother traumatized by the ordeal. Both Kristin and Micah love and adore my son (step father) and miss him greatly as he was incarcerated shortly after the shooting.  Thank you!"

Touches of kindness like a quilt might be a significant thing in a child's life--we as the givers never know.  But we can trust that no child ended up on this list by mistake. I believe that God led each and every one of the 122 kids to us. Here is one more story behind a child that is on the list in 2011--her name has been changed too.

"Cara would like a quilt but not necessarily from her dad in prison whom she ahs had no contact with since he went away when she was 4 1/2 (she is now 13 1/2)  It would be great if the quilt was from the quilter and her friends at 'Camp Hope'.  Cara is currently in therapy for an eating disorder and part of what she needs to face is her father's abandonment--she could really use a quilt."

There are 9 kids still available in February--and many others over the following months.  
Visit our 'Wrapped in Hope' site and see if there is a child you can bring HOPE to next year!
E-mail me when you find one!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sew Mama Sew December Giveaway!!!

This quilt is perfect for a guy and measures 44X58 inches.
Once again, Margaret's Hope Chest is joining Sew, Mama, Sew in her December Giveaway Day. In true MHC fashion we are putting our own little twist on it. Interested??? Read on....
Our mission at Margaret's Hope Chest is to give quilts to individuals and families who are experiencing seemingly hopeless situations. Do you know a man RIGHT NOW who could use a gift of HOPE? Cancer? Job loss? Sickness? Death? Loneliness? If you would like to "win" this quilt  please read these guidelines:
- Leave a comment with a brief explanation of the man you would like us to give the quilt to and why.
- Be prepared to provide me with a mailing address for this person--if you "win" this quilt it will be sent directly to the person you nominated.
-Drawing will close at 8pm on Friday, December 17.
-My kids will randomly pick one commenter using a highly scientific method (HINT: it involves little slips of paper and a hat).
- The winner will be posted here later that night and contacted through e-mail..
- Please leave an e-mail contact in your comment.
We can ship anywhere!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Look at this sweet little face!  This is Charlie and he received a quilt back in May from our 'Wrapped in Hope program.  His daddy is in prison which means he can't enjoy the hugs, wrestles and tickles that only daddy's can give.  His birthday quilt reminds him daily of his father's love until they can be together again.
How good would it feel for you if you could help a child feel his father or mother's love? 
We have 79 kids still waiting for a volunteer quilter for our 2011 'Wrapped in Hope' list!!

7 of of those kids have a birthday in January--January is not that far away.....
All I want for Christmas is all of the January kids to be paired with a quilter--because if you don't sign up, I will have to spend my entire vacation making all 7 quilts :) which wouldn't make my family very happy!  No seriously, I don't mind making the 7 quilts but it would be more fun if you were involved.
***update***I just added 2 more kids to the January list--Zachary and Kaylee--that makes 9 kids in Jan. who still need a quilter.  I have been praying that God would send quilters and instead he is sending more children for the list--he must know something I don't :)

Jump over to the 2011 list and have a look.  If January is too soon for you--pick a child later in the year! E-mail me if you can help make my Christmas wish come true!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Quilts Behind Bars

I had an amazing weekend in Muskegon
Michigan at the Earnest C. Brooks Correctional
Facility sharing quilts with kids who have a dad
in prison.  For the 3rd time this year we joined
Forgiven Ministries and Prison Fellowship of
Michigan to bring HOPE and healing to families
affected by crime.  I entered the prison on Friday
morning with 56 quilts collected from our
volunteers and 61 quilts collected from a church
group from the Detroit area.  The 23 dads had
an amazing selection of quilts to choose from.

 First, I was able to share my testimony with the dads--I shared with them about forgiveness, HOPE and God's plan of restoration in my life and in theirs.  I am not exactly sure what I said but I do know that the Holy Spirit spoke through me and touched several of the dads--especially a few that are in prison for murder.
This dad picked these two great quilts for his two sons--ages 12 and 13.

Helping him choose the best quilt for his son.

He picked the Lions quilt--too bad they can't win a game :)

 After the dads picked the perfect quilt for their children I encouraged them to wrap themselves up in it--rub it on their head--get some of their smells and love on it!  It was really neat to see these huge tough guys wrapped in pink and purple quilts :)

This dad had two preteen girls who loved bright colors--he made two excellent choices!

We prayed over the quilts before they packed them away for the next day.

I don't have any pictures of the kids getting the quilts on Saturday yet....but once again, I promise that when I get them I will share!
Once again, a HUGE thank you to those of you who sent a quilt to us over the past few months for this program.  God is using these quilts for his purpose and it is more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined!!!