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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two More Tops Finished

 Hello friends!  I have so much to write here but I am running out of time! We leave tomorrow afternoon from Grand Rapids.  We are flying to London for a 5 day stay (my husband has to work there) and then we fly to Bermuda from London next week Tuesday--and we will finally arrive in our new home.  I really have to get to bed because I know we won't sleep much tomorrow night but I wanted to show these two tops.  They are Quilting Bee tops--my mom will finish them up. 
Once again, I love the string block top for Harmony (there are 3 blocks that will be added to the back that you don't see here). The pink/purple hour glass block top isn't my favorite but I am sure that Frankee will love it.
Thanks once again to those who added blocks!
One other note: Thanks to those who have sent us quilts through '100 Quilts for Kids'.  We are going to meet our goal of providing quilts for the prison giveaway in November!!! We heard this week that there are going to be over 50 kids at the prison--wow! That is a huge group!  So we will bring about 70 quilts with us.  Amazing and humbling how God provides for our needs over and over again.
I will write again when I have a computer connection in Bermuda!  
Until then, keep quilting!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Finish it Up Friday

 Have you heard that Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts has started a 'Finish it Up Friday' link up?
Well, I have a finish that I am happy to link up.  
Here is a birthday quilt for N'Tari who has a birthday on November 9.
This quilt was constructed with the help of 12 ladies from our very own Quilting Bee!
We used Jennifer's Cross Block Tutorial.  I put the blocks on point because that is what has been speaking to me lately :) and placed the extras on the back.
I hope he *loves* it and a huge thanks to those ladies who sent blocks--I love how these MHC Quilting Bee quilts are turning out--two more to go!

Still Alive and Kicking--or at Least Quilting

Despite a massive amount of last minute tasks before the BIG MOVE I am still quilting.  I can't leave the country without finishing these projects because I don't have room to pack them in the suitcases.  I like the feeling of starting a new life in a new place with a WIP "blank slate".  Of course, this will never truly happen because I have ideas and fabric for projects that I want to start with as soon as possible but at least I am not dragging along old projects.  
And so I finished off an I Spy top (above) and it will travel to the prison giveaway in November. 
If you like I-Spy quilts jump over to Sandra's blog--she has a parade of I-Spy quilts that may inspire you this fall.
As I have mentioned a million times, we never have enough sport themed quilts--this one is basketball
 I also finished this quilt for the giveaway in November.  I am linking this quilt to Swim, Bike, Quilt
I am beyond happy that we have received several quilts from this collection!  Yeah! I will cover that in another post before I leave :)
Orange backing and quilting detail.

Sunday, October 2, 2011