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Friday, September 27, 2013

An Easy Way to Help!

Thank you to all who signed up over the last two weeks to make a quilt for 'A Mother's Hope'! We filled up all of the spaces plus a few!!  It amazes me every time I ask for volunteers how quickly people step forward.  I know that this is God's work and he sends each of our volunteers to us--the last two weeks have solidified that for me again.
The good news is that we have one more way that you can become involved in this program and it is quite easy.  Last year we collected different blocks for Project HOPE and it was quite a hit!  To finish off this year we will have one collection of blocks for 'A Mother's Hope'. (for more information on 'A Mother's Hope' please read this post.)
We will be collecting log cabin blocks!  Here is one I made yesterday following the tutorial that Amanda Jean put together some years ago.
Hopefully, we will collect 100's of these babies and be able to piece them into quilts and keep this program going!
Here are the details of the collection:
1. Follow Amanda Jean's tutorial (click here).  I used it yesterday and it works :)
2.  Choose any color but make each block one color--all pink, all green, all yellow etc.  This will make it easier for us to put them together into tops. Remember these quilts will be for woman so please don't use juvenile fabrics in the blocks.
3. Deadline for this block collection is November 1st.  That gives you a little over a month to make one, two or ten!  Trust me, they are addicting--I can't wait to make a few more this afternoon.
4.  Send finished blocks to:
    Margaret's Hope Chest
    630 Griswold SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Once again, thank you for helping us give HOPE to these mothers!

And one more thing--I finished this quilt this week.  Someone donated a 'Maisy' panel and coordinating fabric this summer and when I saw it--I grabbed it!  I had so much fun putting this together.  It will find a new home very soon.

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's 'Finish it up Friday'!  Have a great week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Very Important Finish it Up Friday

This week I finished a very important quilt.  It will be a gift to a young mother who feels like the world is closing in around her.  It will give HOPE and comfort to a woman who needs it.
In January, Margaret's Hope Chest starting bringing quilts to the Mother and Baby program at Pine Rest (in Grand Rapids, Michigan).  This program serves woman who are experiencing postpartum depression.  Over the past 9 months we have dropped off 94 quilts!! We never dreamed that there would be such a need.  Each of the quilts has accompanied a struggling mother throughout her time in the program and then it traveled home with her. 
I will be honest that we have stuggled to keep up with this need.  We do not have a steady influx of quilts approriate for women.  My mom has worked very hard to finish off donated tops and create new quilts to make sure that she always has something to bring when they call.  I spent my limited time this summer finishing off donated tops.
We would love to continue this program but we need organized help from our friends!

Personally, I have committed to making one quilt a month for 'A Mother's Hope'.
Here is my quilt for September.
 I used a charm pack and a couple of coordinating solids to create this. 
 From start to finish I think it took me 5 days to complete.  Not too bad. 

Could you commit to making one quilt for 'A Mother's Hope'?  Below I have listed the next six months and 8 spots for each month.  I would LOVE to fill up these 48 spots with quilters willing to take a week to fill a person's life with HOPE and comfort.  Quilts can be of any size, shape, or color scheme.  If you can help, please leave a comment with the month(s) you can help with and then E-MAIL me so I can send you all of the information you will need.

OCTOBER:                         NOVEMBER
1.  Carin                                1. Carin
2.  Mindy                               2. Sunny
3.  Pam                                  3. Kathryn
4.  Diann                               4. Pam
5. wkelli88                             5. Carol
6. Anita                                  6. Sherry
7. Amy                                   7. Shirley
8. Sherry                                8. Brenda

DECEMBER                         JANUARY
1.  Carin                                1. Carin
2.  Lea                                    2. Lynn
3. Pam                                    3. Kathryn
4. Sherry                                4. Pam
5. Shirley                                5. Faye
6. Ellie                                    6. Shirley
7. Jody                                    7. Karen
8. Catherine                           8. Catherine

FEBRUARY                          MARCH
1. Carin                                 1. Carin
2.  Pam                                   2. Pam
3. Jennifer                              3. Dhia
4.  Shirley                               4. Faye
5. Teresa                                 5. Shirley
6. Catherine                           6. Catherine
7. Jenn                                    7. Jeanine
8. Jeanine                                8.Bea
                                                9. Carol

Thanks for reading and happy quilting!!
I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Someone Give Me an Award!!

 I am back with my third 'Finish it up Friday' in a row!!  I am still on summer vacation but it looks as if all good things must come to an end because our homeschool curriculum arrived in the mail yesterday.  School starts on Monday! 

 This quilt top was finished in the spring but I brought it back to Michigan to be long-armed quilted. I loved how it turned out. I added the binding this week and now I believe this will belong to my youngest son Josiah.  He loves cars and all kinds of transportation (like most boys) and the quilt I started for him last year may never get finished.
 I collect all types of transportation fabric.  Every time I see a new print I snag a fat quarter or half yard.  I will have to show you my collection some time.

 I backed this quilt with a light blue voile.  I was concerned that it would cause trouble for the long arm quilter but she said it was fine.  It gives it a very soft feel.  When it isn't 85 degrees here I am sure Josiah will enjoy snuggling under this quilt!
I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday!!  Have a great week!!