Monday, February 1, 2010

Bursting at the Seams With Good News!

Wow, it is good to start Monday with lots of good news!
GOOD NEWS! Last night I posted the winner of the 2nd Quilt of Hope winner--we are praying that quilt is a comfort and source of HOPE to that young woman!
GOOD NEWS! We now have 37 children signed up to receive a birthday quilt through 'Wrapped in Hope'. We have 32 quilters from around the country who have committed to making a special quilt for a special child!
GOOD NEWS! We need more volunteer quilters! On the sidebar is a list of the kids we are serving--when you see a big red AVAILABLE it means there is room for YOU to help!! Leave a comment and e-mail Carin if you are interested.
GOOD NEWS! I finished making this quilt for Aaron who just celebrated his 6th Birthday (don't worry, his mom knows it will be a late delivery!) -it's on it's way to Pennsylvania tomorrow!

GOOD NEWS! I found a woman who is collecting blankets/quilts/fleece blankets/knitted afghans etc. to be sent to Haiti with a group in March. A few readers had asked for this information-I added a button on my sidebar that says 'Blankets for Haiti'--we will be sending her a few-will you?
GOOD NEWS! I have made contact with a woman who works with Prison Fellowship in Michigan and they are interested in 'Wrapped in Hope'! Can't wait to get the details ironed out!
GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow I will be posting our newest QUILT OF HOPE--this time be thinking of a GIRL who could use some HOPE!


Diva Quilts said...

that's a lot of good news! :)

I've joined you as a follower.


Marge Gordon said...

I would love to give a quilt to 13-Eva will be 2! AVAILABLE (puppies, kitties) It's already made and waiting for the right child, and she might be it.

Gin said...

Hi Carin. Is the link for the quilts for Haiti right? I think you linked to the wrong page?

diplofam said...

Hi Gin,
It works when I click it--is is working for anyone else? I am going to reload it and see if that works

diplofam said...

The link is fixed--it's amazing what comes up when you miss just one letter :)