Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is our 3rd quilt of HOPE. We are taking nominations for a GIRL that could use a gift of HOPE.

This quilt measures 59''X 69". It was donated to us during our HOPE SQUARED program and we thought it was so special that we set it aside for this program.
So, just like last time, if you know someone please leave a comment with a first name and a brief description of the situation. You can also e-mail your nomination to Carin margaretshopechest@yahoo.com . I will pick a winner on FEBRUARY 15-and as always SPREAD THE HOPE!
* Please only recommend a child that you have an address for (or could get an address for)
*The quilt will be directly sent to the child.
*More than one recommendation per person is great-just leave a separate comment for each child.


Hannah montana games said...

I really love your idea, so sweet and caring ... and the quilts themselves are delightful!

hoekstra family said...

I would like to nominate a sweet little girl named Chloe. Her family just returned from Ethiopia to adopt a new little girl. My daughter came home from school today and talked all about Chloe's new little sister and all the things a new little sister likes to do. I would like to nominate Chloe so she receives something special during this time when all the attention turns to a different child - just because I think she deserves love and hope and warmth as well.

Kat said...

I'd like to nominate 9 year old Abby. Her (single) mom was just diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of stage III melanoma, and is trying to raise money for experimental treatment (the only hope she has left at this point). While Abby isn't sick, she's only 9 and facing losing her mother to a pretty awful disease. (Incidentally, if anyone wants to help raise funds for Kris (her mom) to get treatment, look up "Cause for Kris" on facebook. There's a raffle going to help raise funds that way.) I don't know Abby personally, but it literally hurts my heart to think of her possibly (and, at this stage, very likely, unfortunately) having to go through her teenage years without her mom around. I know she'd appreciate all the love and comfort she can get right now.

Thank you SO much for doing this! Whoever wins will be a very happy girl, I'm sure! :-)

Jill said...

I would like to nominate E'Nayia she is the infant daughter of a student of mine. She is gorgeous! She is so young as is her mother. Her mother is/was a straight A student who is trying so hard. She is just 3 months old and this quilt would last her a long time. I am giving her some of my daughters things, and when I told the mother this she burst into tears. Thanks for the consideration.

Carol E. said...

I was going to nominate someone, but when I read who is already nominated, I couldn't do it. Someone already nominated will really love and need and appreciate this beautiful quilt.