Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrapped in Hope Update

Good Morning Hope lovers! Did you know that there are currently 11 kids in our Wrapped in Hope program who need a volunteer quilter? That means there is room for you to help!! Here is how this program works:

1. Take a look at the children who are AVAILABLE on the right-hand sidebar. Right now we have about 11 children available--but new kids are added every day. If you see one that interests you--e-mail Carin at and she will confirm that you are quilting for that child.
2. Please make the quilt with at least one of the interests that are listed. Minimum size of the quilt should be 40X60. Quilts can be tied or quilted. Make sure the quilt is clean before sending--no pet hair etc.
3. Start the quilt whenever you choose--but the quilt must be finished 2 weeks prior to the birthday. 2 weeks before the birthday please post a picture of it on the Flickr site and e-mail Carin.
4. When she receives your e-mail, Carin will send you the mailing address for the child.
5. You will be sending the quilt directly to the child but please use Margaret's Hope Chest mailing address as the return address--just in case there is trouble.
6. Please add a small birthday greeting with the quilt--a simple card that says "Happy Birthday _______! This quilt was made just for you because you are special to your dad!" or something like that!

It's that simple. We are getting amazing feedback from the mothers and fathers of these children--the quilts are a physical reminder that mom/dad still love them and miss them very much--something that the kids can WRAP around themselves. Here is a note we received from the mother of a little boy who received his quilt about 2 weeks ago: "I don't know where to begin. . . My son Aaron loves his new quilt. My other children can't wait for their birthdays for one (laugh). Aaron sleeps with his quilt and picture of his Dad. He absolutely loves his quilt from his dad. It is beautiful! You made my son feel as if his dad made the quilt with his own hands. I can't thank you enough for what you've done. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!!"

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