Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Reached My Goal!!

Quilt # 10

Quilt #11

Quilt #12

It's June 22 and I have reached my June goal of only making boy themed quilts! I believe I said I would try to make 15 and I am really close to that number. Unfortunately, I have to use the rest of June to pack up my family of 6 for a two month summer vacation in Michigan. Yikes!
So, it is time to pack away the boy fabric and get out the suitcases and bathing suits. Summer, here we come!

Quilt #13

Quilt #14


MandMStudio said...

Very nice quilts. I really love the first one.

sunny said...

What a fantastic job you've done! Enjoy your vacation.

beth said...

OOoh! I love those quilts! Great job!!