Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Quilt Giving Update

Here is #9 Boy-themed quilt top for the month of June. I had lots of 2.5X5 inch pieces left from the other quilts so this is a 'Sport's Lover's' quilt--for the boy who can't pick just one favorite :)!

Seeing as it is the first day of summer today (cue Hallelujah Chorus) I thought I should take a few lines here and give a record of who our quilts have been given to over the past few months.

2 quilts were given to a family in the Chicagoland area who lost their home in a fire.
2 quilts were given to a family in Grand Rapids MI who lost their home in a house explosion.
2 quilts were given during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day contest.
4 little boys in Mississippi got new quilts to call their own. Their family was really struggling to give something extra to their children--we were happy to share with them. We surprised the parents of this family with a quilt of their own as well.
1 quilt went to a wonderful lady in Grand Rapids MI who has cancer.
1 quilt went to a little boy who had heart surgery on June 18 in Ann Arbor Michigan.
1 quilt went to a mother of 2 young children who has had a recurrence of Hodgkins Lymphoma.
1 quilt went a lady in Georgia whose husband is serving a life sentence in prison--her husband wrote us and asked us to send her a special gift of HOPE.
13 quilts were given to children enrolled in our 'Wrapped in Hope' program who celebrated a birthday in the month of June.

We consider it a great privilege to share quilts and HOPE with each of these people. We love what we do here at MHC and thank God everyday for the energy, passion and resourses we need to spread HOPE in this way.

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MandMStudio said...

Love the quilt top:) And reading about all those that have been helped. Keep up the great work.