Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scooby Doo!

I used Oh Frannson's FREE lattice nine-patch pattern for this Scooby-Doo quilt. I love everything on her site--it's so bright, yummy and clean. Secretly, I want to be her. Maybe she will switch lives with me. Is it possible that she has always wanted to be married to a diplomat and move all over the world....if so, this could work. Anyway, this quilt top will be finished off (as soon as I restock my backing fabrics) and will be added to the growing group of child-themed quilts that will travel with me this summer and fall to 3 Michigan prisons. Incarcerated parents will select a quilt for their child and it will become a birthday present. Of course, this is all part of Margaret's Hope Chest's ongoing 'Wrapped in Hope' program. Can't wait!

#7 Boy-themed quilt finish for the month of June. Start your engines because a race car quilt is coming up next!


beth said...

Great quilt!! Some little boy is going to be SOOO happy!

CB Mauro said...

OHHH, I LOVE IT! Scooby has a special place in my heart because that is my dogs name! Also I am working on a Scooby quilt for a 6 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I know he has a lot of hospital time in his future and wanted to be able to give him a quilt for comfort. After that it's on to the quilt I will be making for an October B-day via MHC!